Chapter 5


Brzezinski stated the credit should go to President Carter for beginning the destabilization of Afghanistan.  So will give it to him, although am unconvinced he deserved all the credit.

At one point Pakistani General Fazle Haq was the liaison of operations.  Pakistani ISI Intelligence considered the official liaisons.  In most countries around the world Spy-Agency apparatus areas receive protection from search and seizure.  The North West Province is classified an intelligence territory protected from search and seizure by those rules.  Shipments that are identified to and from Intelligence areas that are identified as such fall under these same rules. 

Pakistani General Fazle Haq one day gunned down in cold blood.   An undistinguished end so it would seem for a CIA asset and dignitary who received and affiliated with William Casey and George HW Bush.

Salem bin Laden along with Khashoggi found in all the right places politicking regularly.  Salem was the reason we have cheap oil, and a devout member of the Safari club.

Salem Bin Laden instrumental with Harken Oil owned by the Bush family; supplied an infusion of capital and the shot it received in the Persian Gulf.  This took place back in 1987 when Bush was Vice-President and George W. Bush; his son was the director of the company.  The money heavily infused through BCCI and its international subsidiaries. 

Hence, this company came out of the dark just as Bahrain discovered some of the largest undersea oil fields in the world.  Yes, Harken received the offshore drilling contract. 

Salem Bin Laden traveled extensively, especially to the U.S.  He had been the real power broker, a dignitary in his own right; everyone went through him from Bush to Casey for approval from the Saudis on matters concerning the Oil Rich Middle East. 

The Jamiat-e-Islami was a good example for effective fighting against the Soviet puppets in Afghanistan and Salem Bin Laden arranged matters.  The Jamiat-e-Islami had been waging an effective opposition to the ruling government of Daoud.  The revolt had taken root in many parts of Afghanistan. The uprisings built up with Pakistan ISI as the liaisons.  The Pakistan, covert intelligence liaisons Rabbani and Hekmatyar came and went in and out of Afghanistan.  It depended on how much havoc erupted and they were at the base of it.

President Daoud without coercion from the CIA, to protect his government it is said, initiated a request for the military intervention of the Soviets.  So then, as the story goes the Soviets sent military advisors, in short the KGB.  They were there when the coup occurred against Daoud.  In the process, Daoud was murdered.  Nur Mohammad Tarkaki became the new Afghanistan President December 1978, President until September 1979 he was murdered when a coup against him took place.  The coup led by Hafizullah Amin, who then became the President of Afghanistan.

Operation Cyclone the signing by President Carter of covert funding to the anti-communist guerrillas dated July 3, 1979.  An insurgence of well-trained Islamic fighters was waiting to meet the Soviet’s when they invaded Afghanistan.

Pakistan as the liaison of the U.S. and other middlemen ensured complete anonymity for the planners and backers of the offensive.  The Fourth Reich did not want the World and the Soviets to find out who was backing the upheaval; nor did they want the militants to know they were engaged to fight for a cause they knew little about.  The Soviet Union’s Military officially rolled into Afghanistan December 24-27, 1979, stormed the Presidential palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, during which the latest President of Afghanistan was murdered.  The Soviet Army arrayed in all its glory with tanks, air power, the latest weaponry, highly experienced tactical advisors, and marching troops armed to the hilt.  The super power the anti-communist guerrillas had to fight.  To join the Afghanistan battle, were men who had traveled distances to give their life if necessary for their beliefs called Mujahedin.  The CIA had provided weapons for these Mujahedin…. rifles, to fight the modern Russian super power.  Though it was overwhelmingly asymmetrical, the Fourth Reich knew they could count on these fighters to get the Soviets out of there, if one did not mind much bloodshed.  And as it just so happened, the Fourth Reich did not mind at all, as long as it was not their blood," Major tapered off because of the shocked look on Becka and McCloud faces at the stark discrepancies between the two.  After a minute or two he says, "Muslims came from around the world to fight what turned into their "Holy War."

The unofficial anti-communist guerrilla funding to get the war going and keep it funded escalated.  Billions of U.S. dollars fell through the cracks before the Afghan War officially ended.  Rifles did get upgraded to an occasional AK47.

Meanwhile as the war raged the U.S. Presidents continued to declare disgust then levied consequences against the Afghanistan brutal and bloody war and vowed to avenge in a big way.  Pieces of grandeur came about such as abolishment of wheat and other Russian contracts.  This started the bank crisis of the 80s in the U.S. because of all the repossessed farmland; a price we all happily paid in answer to such intolerable actions.  There were other sanctions and cancellations of friendly participation within worldview such as the Olympics.  However, as the world criticized the Soviet Union’s forceful degenerate actions; somehow, anyone failed to mention anywhere especially to the American people the deliberate Cold War agenda to destabilized the Communist Soviet Union.  Especially silent were the U.S. progenitors who had commenced to give the world another Vietnam."

 "Just what the world needed," Becka sadly interjected.

Major nods as he continues, "Our humanitarian feat heard around the world no military action; political and economic sanctions for the Russian terrorization of the Afghan population.  Moreover, abundantly the Leaders of the Country called for world peace and unity.  The bloodier it became the worse it looked for the Soviets as their unholy war continued.  The entire world watched.  Unofficially of course, or would that be officially, no that would be unofficially are you confused yet, do not be it is really quite simple.  If there is no evidence and cannot prove, hide the truth then zero responsibility is yours.

The Soviets were not holding back as they rampaged and committed the usual atrocities.  The war-torn unfortunate people effectively displaced and maimed suffered the clash of the two great super powers.  Those that the Soviets did not do this to or kill the Afghan rebels captured and put them through the same kind of savagery.  Fighting among the tribal leaders accounted for much of this.  Oil was it worth it.

 I do not think so

With Reagan in charge The US Agency for International Development gave a grant to the tune of 51 million dollars in USAID.  The Center for Afghanistan studies at the University of Nebraska-Omaha picked up this grant and used it uncouthly with the help of Thomas Gouttierre its Director.  With our tax dollars, they produced and sent to Afghanistan youth’s jihad textbooks for them to use in their schooling.  These books they used everyday contained graphic pictures of rifles with corresponding Islamic references, battles, picking out Islamic teachings from their Holy Book the Quran that would motivate and capture their thoughts.  The textbooks inspired Jihad more than schooling with graphic depictions such as giving water to the brave warriors, verses killing the Russian enemies and infidels.  Math problems to calculate how long it would take to kill a Russian after their bullet left their AK47 point A to the Russian’s forehead point B.  Exercises in math consisted of counting the Russian tanks; count the land mines their books taught.  With sacrifice your life and your money the overwhelming subplot.  This did not end at the Afghanistan madrassas as I have explained during this time they were soliciting worldwide for jihadists’ fighters to come and serve, stressing obedience to Allah. The pitiful conditions the refugees had to live in after expulsion from their homes, in yet another bloody war of attrition another crime against humanity. 

Young boys barely big enough to carry them touted rifles ready to die for their cause. A country brainwashed by the Fourth Reich in order to destabilize the Russians.  These actions were taken with the apocalyptical motive Oil behind them and plans of leaving behind a stagnant neutralized populace as the laborers.  They should have realized what they were doing.  To underscore the lack of depth into their understanding they really thought Allah was not listening and would not answer.  Moreover, they surely envisioned none existed who would stand to fight for a worthy cause.  They were wrong.

Now Salem Bin Laden had a brother by the name of Usama Bin Laden.  As Salem Bin Laden tended to the war in Afghanistan he thought it a good idea to bring his brother Usama Bin Laden in to build up the defenses and oversee construction during that time.  Perfect judgment considering Usama Bin Laden and Salem Bin Laden were a big part of the Bin Laden family who owned and operated the highest expertise of construction from the Middle East.   Once in Afghanistan Usama Bin Laden started working on construction projects for the war effort.  This included several training facilities for the incoming fighters. A coalition with the CIA, ISI, and the branch of the International Islamic Front had already formed against the Soviets; factions of these were already there, with the war well in progress.”  Major turned to McCloud saying, “Now remember this is only a branch.  The International Houses had been up and running for a number of years.  Islamic proselytizing around the world under the guise of jihad or Holy War included a plenitude of backing from the Fourth Reich.  They also supplied among other items Quran’s in masses.  Many of their speeches included bashing of America as they preached Holy War.  Of course, knowledge was sparse and hidden by the Fourth Reich who was controlling the strings and knew well of this.  Usama Bin Laden had a good idea what was behind the scenery.  A very religious and devout practicing Sunni Muslim he became very involved with the ideological implementations.  Usama decided to stay with the Mujahedin in Afghanistan.  He saw first hand the scores of men dying for the cause daily.  He was spiritual enough and courageous enough he began fighting in honor of that, for real, to win, a genuine Holy War.  Usama inflamed by the inefficient supplies of the Mujahedin set out on a quest to rectify the situation and upgrade the inept armaments used for their weaponry.  Usama in his search obtained the assistance of Salem.  They were shocked with the Pentagons refusal to assist in their procurement of these.  About then the light started to flicker.  Not willing to accept this they took matters into their own hands knowing nobody could be trusted.  They were both independently wealthy men and knew how to get things done.  They were finally given the opportunity to purchase 3000 SA-7 missiles without approval from the usual channels.  That purchase must have been quite a shock to the War of Attrition Men when they learned of this.  With these weapons, it was possible for Usama Bin Laden and his Holy Warriors to gain momentum on the Soviets, and eventually with Allah helping, no surprise they won.  Usama’s decision to opt out of the war of attrition, as he finally knew it to be, relied on Allah and made winning a reality.  He even paid his own way using his inheritance towards the cause for the liberation of Afghanistan.  Usama and his warriors put an end to the Cold Wars of Attrition in 1989 as the Soviet’s fell.  Something the US said they had been trying to get done. 

Moreover, it was a huge one the fall of it resounded around the world and is still reverberating today.  The Fourth Reich had a contender they never expected on their hands.  Usama had the spirit to unite the Islamic fighters together as no one else could have.  Most important to him, Usama Bin Laden gave all of the credit to Allah for the win!

There was no longer an excuse for anymore blood thirsty, Third World Wars between the Soviets and the US!

However….in reality, not so pleased was the Fourth Reich.  They secretly wanted to whack Usama Bin Laden for winning.  Not only him; everyone involved with the success of his Holy Warriors.  The Fourth Reich had wanted that war of attrition to continue until all resources flowed towards them and there was no one left to contend.  That was the reason there were no qualms in the United States about the Afghanistan factions fighting one another and both sides kept receiving free money and weapons so they would do just that.

The final date for the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan was February 15, 1989.  Additional greater good arose from the win, later as the Berlin wall fell the chance for freedom arose.

However, making a bittersweet victory for Usama, not unlike them, they had staged an accident that killed his brother. 

Salem bin Laden while in American and among friends died in a 1988 ultra-plane crash.  His death was multifaceted so they thought it would as well; keep details from emerging about BCCI crimes and politics which he could tell all of.  In spite of that, a great deal of the facts came forward.

Zia-ul-Haq died in another made to look like an accident plane crash on August 17 1988, along with five of his top military aides who were loyal to the Usama Bin Laden Holy Warriors and had helped them win as well.  At least thirty-two people in all died.  Zia-ul-Haq quickly buried in two days August 19, 1988.

As you two can perhaps understand, the Fourth Reich was thoroughly into their War of Attrition and the plenitude they hoped to gain and did not take lightly to contenders.  Though they could not get to Usama bin Laden to kill him, like the others, they surely did try.

The U.S. in the light of day got what they wanted, the Soviet complete withdrawal.  The people were of no concern.  The militant factions brought to power with money and power, left with nowhere to go.  Therefore, Afghanistan ravaged by war could have only continued on the scale it did enabled by continued military aid.  The Warlords retained their factions along with their weapons and some of those Warlords were the Drug lords as well who retained the monopoly on opium, these factions remained to terrorize the people of Afghanistan.  That was more than just fine by those that had brought war to their country.  The broad depletion of landscape reduced to shrubbery, refugees, and malnutrition intensified on top of an already existent catastrophic humanitarian perspective grew.

Certain members of the American advisory committee’s took the collapse of the Soviet Union not as peacetime to forgive and replenished that which was lost, but as an opportunity for greater power to enhance themselves.  They wanted to destabilize any other power on the face of the earth that would challenge their authority.  Were they all card-carrying devoted members of The Fourth Reich?  Nobody knew, if not it seemed likely they soon would be, the lines separating greed, power, philosophies, quickly became part of hard line Nationalism first introduced to the world in the Third Reich immoral behavior.  Where no one but the very elite should reap all the earth’s good will and the hand picked few that become part of their plan,” Major finished then paused.

“They have not figured out yet the reason all these other people are here,” McCloud added sarcastically.

Major laughed then stated, “Sad but true,” then went on, “Usama went back home to Saudi Arabia they put him under lock and key an estate arrest.  He managed to escape the stronghold and went to Afghanistan then moved to Khartoum, continued in construction, built a myriad of development projects for the government, and built training camps to continue training his Islamic warriors.

In 1994, Saudi Arabia revoked his citizenship.  To further their campaign without merit seized his assets from his inheritance and the stipend he received to his father’s business.  Usama Bin Laden after what he had been through became set in the belief the Oil Glut Men were not going to be the only benefactors to all of the oil.  You can see now how he had become more than a nuisance to the Fourth Reich and their plans.  As the Fourth Reich soon found out, he was firmly standing in the way.  Usama asked to leave Khartoum moved to Afghanistan where they accepted him back and he lives there today.  He is helping in an advisory capacity on the Afghanistan Oil Contracts so the people do not get taken advantage of.”

After a bit, Major continued speaking, “In America Mahfouz took over the operations for Salem bin Laden.  This included the branches organized under charitable causes first established by the Fourth Reich.  There were branches located all over the world and the branch in America was particularly prosperous.  These were to reach out to the population for able-bodied men to go and fight under the guise of Islamic holy war.  These places received Islamic deities who would come and preach.  Let into the U.S. on diplomatic passports, only government officials could provide either at home or abroad.  These Islamic deities would preach to stimulate war. 

Presently to add to the pot that is about to boil over onto the world frontlines; PNAC sent a letter to Clinton at the first of the year, advocating among other things that the goals of the United States should be global domination.

Most advocating this policy connected in some way or the other with oil; some had been in the thick of special effects back with Unocal in Burma even before Laos.  It is chilling how many military and political figures have walked into influential positions worldwide after retiring from official government work.  Then they moved into the world domination framework.  They construct and aid the planning of pipelines in Turkey, Iran, and so forth.  China counted on these pipelines as well for oil to go through Pakistan to the coast.  Oil and War intrusively hook them up with the Fourth Reich even if they are unsuspecting.  How many people are given high prestige jobs with just their military loyalty and love of country counted?  How many were actually receiving financial perks in addition to asset pay or all the aforementioned?  Major then answered his questions; there is still work to be done on that.   

Unocal with CentGas has plans for a pipeline using Afghanistan to supply the Dabhol power plant.  A power plant Enron with U.S. taxpayer dollars built and a Fourth Reich plan to supply it eventually.  Pakistan U.S. Ambassador was trying to convince his host to go with Unocal.  Unocal in an effort to win them over brought Taliban representatives to the U.S. for a visit. On the CentGas, deal proposed to run from the tip to tip, in Afghanistan, Zalmay seems to be the liaison between Unocal and the Taliban.

They all signed a contract together at the first of the year.  With the contracts signed between Unocal and the Taliban, Gouttierre, again through the University of Nebraska established a training center in Afghanistan.  The Taliban still uses the textbooks Gouttierre created back in the eighties, as bloody as they are.  Everyone eager for the pipeline and this training center paid for by Unocal will have a work force right away when Unocal starts work in Afghanistan.

 Zalmay Khalilzad participated with Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, and David Addington writing the Pentagons Defense Planning Guide.  They wrote up policies that reflected world domination and control of Middle Eastern Oil.  They were the main ones to promote pre-emptive war strategies.

They did not think it through

There was instrumental Dr. Pillsbury also a RAND Corporation operative.  He is now Special Assistant for Asian Affairs.  His opinion has become U.S. government policies.  He was at one time a member of the 208 committee.  Surprisingly he was instrumental in getting Stinger Missiles to the Afghan Rebels near the end of the war.

Khashoggi drew the attention of the justice system in his dealings with Imelda Marcos.  Khashoggi extradited into the U.S. from Switzerland in 1989.  Both were acquitted.

Later Bush had to of course, considering their common history pardon Khashoggi with or without the Marco gold.

            September 1994 The Fourth Reich was still supplying weapons to Iran who in turn began supplying the Iranian Mujahedin to fight the Bosnian conflict.  They trained the Bosnian Muslim in guerilla techniques.  Usama Bin Laden became involved with them again.  That basically brings us up to date.  Though, we can perhaps go into greater depth later on. 

The Lord is with us

Heavenly Father said, "He wrote the book" McCloud added, "So I know there will be an end to their rule, somehow I would like to do my part.”

Major turning to McCloud asked him, “You want to be sheep dipped do you.”  McCloud and Becka both nodded in agreement.