Chapter 4



  Major continues forward stating, "The sorted covert intelligence Third World Wars made to appear as though they stopped after the Church Committee hearings, but that did not take place. 

Because there had occurred additional covert wars in: Mexico, Afghanistan, Africa, Chad, Ethiopia, Libya, Lebanon, Seychelles, South Africa, Mozambique, Angola 1975, Zaire, and the Philippines.

East Timor added to the list, it existed as a democratic republic until Suharto overturned it.  He was the proxy from Indonesia that started the covert operation somewhere around December 1975.  Intelligence gathering participated in by the CIA, NSA, and Australian intelligence agencies.  An estimate, 200.000 people brutally tortured and/or raped before their execution.  Many people just disappeared.  Oil; was of course, what they all wanted.

In addition, you may wonder what was going on in the U.S. with all this activity abroad, you would think there was not time for domestic upheaval.  However, turmoil was at an all time high as Nixon expected the CIA to use their get out of jail free card and bury the entire Watergate mess.  The CIA with Helms as the Director would not use their National Security hydras; in return, Nixon gave Helms the boot.  Though, he made him the Ambassador to Iran.

It was not long Nixon got the boot out of office.

During the time, Helms served, as Ambassador, Iran apparently became another covert operation.  This was the antecedent to Iraq invading Iran.”

"Helms did not turn out to be a good friend to the Shah after all, did he," McCloud partially stating, partially asked.

"Perhaps, however, to be noted, the Shah had not done exactly as he had been instructed, especially on oil issues.  To put it simply he had gotten too big for his britches and could not seem to remember which side of the bread he should butter.  Therefore, predetermined for the Shah and after a year or two of destabilization he was shown the door, however he did live for awhile to tell about it,” Major explained.  He looked across the table then continued, "Helms positioned himself with other powerful and wealthy people one of these, Rahim Irvani Melli, that later led to Helms gaining a position with the Safeer Company.  This later exploded into investigational hearings.  However, that is later; meanwhile, other fires were already burning that required his immediate attention.  He received his calling back to the United States to give further testimony of the CIA involvement under his leadership.  Specifically the connection in foreign affairs such as the Chilean coup and involvement in ill-fated domestic affairs of his that had broken loose.  Thus, his Iranian Ambassadorship ended as he was convicted of perjury.  He was proud of his conviction, as anyone should be.  All the drama, his trial and conviction attracted, not surprisingly the whole thing turned out, with no prison time.  His punishment handed to him, banishment into the private sector.

The Public revelations that managed to find their way out into the open exploded like bombshells.  Ford took the Presidential helm and tried to gain the upper hand over these concurring events.  Now murder has always struck against humanity, always.  Cain was the first example of such.  Moses received the tablets written upon by our Maker we were all to follow.  Yet, somehow things had gotten so out of whack that Ford felt the need to explain the law stating unequivocally no more murder or assassinations carried out by any of the departments, specifically the Intelligence agencies.

Helms had his work detailed for him as he was relinquished full control of Safeer.  Another front company working for the same goal North West Investment was.  A shipment expeditor protected by the U.S. government.  This no doubt had to have been connected to the project occurring in the North West Province of Afghanistan.  Two for the price of twenty, the black operations were in motion.  Always located north of something or other, whenever they can, still looking for their much sought after Aryan race or wealth or someone to conquer.  

Carter when he took office continued in the effort and felt it imperative to place an embargo on arms sales to Argentina in 1976.  Most likely, he had become aware of the close ties to Operation Condor and its realm of operation. 

The Carter administration continued the challenge to clean up the black operations assassinations, unable to stay inside the line impasse; one of Carter’s most notable events took place unexpectedly October 1977.  The U.S. calmed as CIA agents and their assets were formally let go; content, with justice served to those disrespectful of the constitution.  To the rest of the world, it appeared as hope towards a new and wonderful goal.

Well as good as it sounded to everyone, as you can imagine, it did not sit well with "the boys," who gave the official title to Carter’s cleanup effort The Halloween Massacre.  Put out of their positions of power where they could influence the world and the people in it to revolve around their every whim.  This could not have happened at a more inopportune time, just as their globalization efforts neared fruition.  Faced with the realization their glory may be gone, along with it all the benefits from their risk and effort to neutralize everyone they had. 

They could not nor would they ever understand the gianormous twist of fate that had exposed them and put an end to their source of power.  Unabashed these people were, without any intention to stand idly by and watch everything go down the tubes.  Therefore, the mystery years 1977-1979 are no mystery their wanton plans took a sharp turn to achieve their goals by whatever means available.  They still knew the intelligence apparatus worldwide and all its inner most secrets and who exactly was who and what they were in charge of.  The CIA cannot seem to keep track of its office records and their employees due to stress or whatever cannot seem to remember events that took place even yesterday.  Which left the possibility wide open, for those that worked outside the office; no one would be able to uncover or even try, who was and who was not officially part of the apparatus.  No one would know or think to suspect such a thing, absolute deep cover yaw knows.  All they had to do was exactly what they did best which was well; lie.  Moreover, these men were not let go for shooting spitballs at one another.  The theory sold to the American people; once they were out the door, all the illegal operations would just disappear.  However, there must not have been any follow up. 

The Operations that led to their demise still functioned without hindrance.  The control over field Operations, as Operation Condor continued.  Operation Condor carried out assassinations and oversaw money enterprises that provided resources.  This was not enough for these men; still functional was all well and dandy, yet without their place in the government these people were without their best defense and without their best leverage.  They must have considered themselves the government in exile, exactly as their militias believed right before they asserted themselves to overtake their target of Third World governments.  Catastrophic what they effectively maneuvered. 

Therefore, a year later October Surprise began.  In Iran, the reaction by radical Iranian Islamic students seemed natural and un-staged as they protested bitterly because the U.S. allowed the Shaw into the U.S. for cancer treatment.  Moreover, the subsequent taking of 52 American Hostages November 1979 was no small event.  And at the time it all took place Brzezinski was undeniably distantly away, negotiating a peaceful pact with some of the few democratic Iranian government officials that were left.  No doubt, these men quite possibly, could have inhibited the hostage crisis that took place and negotiated a peaceful settlement, if; of course, they were not away at the most precise time. 

Events unfolded natural and uninhibited except of course, for the payload that followed.  The talks between intelligence communities had gone on for months and continued throughout, with their forged alliances.

About then President Jimmy Carter embargoed sales of arms to Iran.  The hostage situation embarrassed Carter tremendously, shadowed over his Presidency, and defeated him in the polls.  Another event that took place, which really would have made Carter a hero if successful, but it was not instead; American servicemen were killed tragically as they attempted the only hostage rescue effort. 

Therefore, Carter lost the bid for re-election and Reagan won.  The Inauguration of Reagan proved interesting, while it took place Iran freed the 52 hostages Reagan announced their release, vigorously making him everybody’s hero.

 In Iran, the hostage fervor fomented so prolific Khomeini indoctrinated everyone without much opposition.  At the time, to the people of Iran, anyone was better than the Shah had been.  This tripped those trying to stabilize the Iranian government to resign because they were trying to secure the release of the hostages by Islamic militants.

Of course, Khomeini was almost as ruthless as the Shah had been.  He began systematic executions of those in previous government positions and any that did not favor his rule of law.  Hezbollah survived; helped tremendously to enforce the Khomeini protocol.  With their severe means of enforcement, they drove any opposition, those of a different religious faith, they did not kill, underground, this included the Mujahedin.  It would not be wise to speak of Iran without sufficient words said about their endowment of oil.  That is, why the Shah of Iran had come to power.

There were mercenaries trained then as well, it became 1953 all over.

Back in 1953, Iran’s Mossadegh threatened nationalization of Iranian Oil.  To counter, the Nazi war criminal’s operatives our government had acquired helped anyway they could and trained the control force of the new regime.  Besides their old ones, there were new tricks of the industry they picked up along the way, which they taught.  Eisenhower could not have been happier with the successful deposing of Mossadegh in 1953.  The SAVAK ruled with unbridled power, detained whom they wanted without trial for as long as they saw fit.  Now you know the true reason the SAVAK acquired a reputation as brutal as the Nazi Gestapo.  Thereafter the Fourth Reich kept a continual presence in Iran. 

Back to the Shah, his downturn all started when he disregarded American Interests publicly in 1976.  Hence, the Islamic Ayatollah Khomeini came out of exile in Iraq Feb 1, 1979.  Though it did not work out exactly as everyone thought it would, he had a much bigger plan.  He witnessed Iraq's enforced inequalities upon the Shia population while he was among them.  His son had been murdered November 1977, some thought by the Shah and his henchmen.  The sort of thing a person does not easily forget.  Once in power he no doubt meticulously researched who orchestrated his son’s death.  Along with exterminating 4000 or so pre-labeled ready-to-go communists while he was at it.

Moreover, finding out the details of his son’s death may have or might not have led to the Hezbollah capture and subsequent torture and confessions of William Buckley.

The Caspian Sea is by far the richest in oil reserves.  Iran has one of the largest reserves, and it is well known.  The bloodbaths taken for them are a disgrace.

October Surprise did take experience to create.

And the more that floats to the surface, well, the hidden equations could keep on surprising month after month.  An orchestrated demeanor of a big hoax that embarrassed Carter and gave Reagan the limelight, as it installed George Bush as Vice-president.

There had been those associated with Bush not asked to leave the CIA by Carter though left anyway to join the others.  Robert Gambino director of the Office of Security for the CIA became one of these people.  He held the job that keeps embarrassed CIA affiliates out of prison.  He and other staff would run interference with Federal and Local agencies as their notorious activities surfaced.

Off the record, this group had officially regrouped.

Then we wept

Pilots Richard J. Brenneke, Heinrich Rupp, and Gunther Russbacher had credible, fascinating testimony and tales about Iranian consultations and flights to Paris aboard government planes. 

Hezbollah broke Iran in two.  The play for Afghanistan was in; weapon shipments to the Ayatollah began so he could engage the Saddam.  Weapon shipments to the Mujahedin to engage the Soviet Union began.  These engagements received many more donations.  A major contributor all along was Saudi Arabia among others that contributed heavily, matching Fourth Reich funds; deposited into secretly numbered accounts.  Radio propaganda still an effective tactic generated to rile up the Afghanistan militants whom they intended to use to achieve their goal to destabilize the Soviet backed Afghanistan government, another war of attrition, war of attrition.

Then Major says, "Next, again, they wanted to overthrow Iraq.  This feat well planned with the Shah of Iran.  The Fourth Reich trained Iraqi Kurds as revolutionaries 1972-1975. 

At the time Iraq invaded Iran 1980 Hussein was receiving military aid, American fighter planes, weapons, and training.  Saddam more than once labeled a creature of the CIA.  It was costly for both sides and lasted eight years.  Iran through the Iran-Contra Enterprise could purchase weapons and desperately needed spare parts for their military equipment.  Intelligence agencies worked both sides in starting, fueling, providing, and profiting of Iraq and Iran.  Supplying Iraq included; sale of a shit load, pardon cupcake, of weapons grade anthrax.  U.S. Department of Commerce was aware weapons grade poisons went to Iraq.  No one should exhibit surprise because the U.S. did not condemn Iraq for the use of biological weapon.  Iran and Iraq reached a cease-fire agreement on August 20 1988.  Only after gruesome killings and war tore landscapes became home.

Saddam Hussein eventually found out the score that the Fourth Reich had trained the Iraqi Kurds and supported them when they attempted to overthrow him; he then went in and executed them Kurds around 1988.

All along in the U.S. greater demands were made for epic weapon development," Major stated.

"So they could keep selling or supplying more advanced technology to these Third World Countries, to kill each other," McCloud questioned.

Major winked, displaying the sort of government control actually exerted in controlling this epidemic.  Then he states, "They had discovered these rich in oil countries contained an oil spigot that opened and closed and how to control it through strategic measures.

There is no doubt the Lord wants these men hands off the control of the spigot

In addition, another strategic weapon opened up what seemed to them as an incredible never-ending army of Islamic fighters, brought in to use under their control and for their wishes.  Though done in a covert way, so the fighters were beguiled and unaware the deluge that manipulated them.  As done with the Kurds these men could be rallied to fight for God and country."

"The Kurds of course did not find out until too late, they had been led into a setup," McCloud says half-stating half questioning.

Major confirms his theory with a faint smile before saying, "The Fourth Reich must have thought they stumbled onto a gold mine, with maximum sufficiency, and more reliable as say, the Cuban militia force and the Mafia which kept having loose cannons roll about.

When it comes to money, these people are conquerors they could confiscate money specifically allotted for one purpose then divert it to another, just like the funds sanctioned for the Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office dealt to the war tore people.  Funds allotted for humanitarian dire needs instead, handed to people like Albert Carone."

"Capone," Becka asked.

"Close," Major snickered.

"That would be treason," Becka uttered.

"Absolutely, and whose is keeping record," Major said then elaborated, "Of course unless you had personal access to the Carone trials.  You cannot know a thing about them.  The records have been sealed until September 2001."

"Wow maybe that will help," Becka stated as if she could hardly wait until that time. 

"Former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan and associate of Unocal, Robert Oakley saw to it the Mujahedin knew what to do," Major drew a breath as he finished.

"The oil, the force that led their brutal sentimentality," McCloud tantalizes.

Major drew another breath then an all knowing expression escaped onto his face, his thoughts grew heavier the more he went on explaining, yet he says, "The burgeoning aspects of deceit in these wars of attrition never came out.

The fascist intelligence community rebuffed the Senate’s National Intelligence Reorganization and Reform Act of 1978, claiming it would crimp their style in combating, you know it, communism.  It worked.  This organization produced Stilwell Strategic Guidance.  These same people created the Global Strategy Council.  The 12333 Executive Order gave CIA the power for domestic operations off the record of course.  The public restricted and limited in what they received and with greater enactments levied against fair and open government. 

That is when he left

Further, explanation for a little broader picture, Cyrus Hashemi an Iranian banker had been loyal to the Shah.  Cyrus was very familiar with the art of supply and demand.  He had been an asset to the Shaheen Enterprise, and then collaborated with the October Surprise Enterprise, which ignited into the Iran-Contra Enterprise.  He shared the table with Khashoggi until negotiations broke down between the two.

Though as the contra ban kept rolling along and Hashemi became excluded in matters, he had no choice but to turn key evidence in behalf of the massive illegal weapons to Iran case.  Then just at the most inconvenient time for everyone, especially Hashemi, he came down with that sudden death syndrome.  The case dismissed for lack of evidence, which would be he.

Donald Fortier Deputy Director for Policy Planning at the Department of State held positions Director for Western Europe and NATO also Principal Deputy Assistant to President Reagan for National Security Affairs.  As shone with Fortier it seems Intelligence trained operatives move into the very highest government positions and World Domination positions, unless reality hits that it is not patriotic after all.

Adnan Khashoggi, just one of the men some would deem charged with the purchase and formalities of middleman for the arms Ronald Reagan, as Chief, and Commander would authorize selling to the Iranians.  The terms of that deal worked out in October, just a little in advance of actually winning the election, and who’s counting?  A repertoire of bits and pieces of these negotiations emerged, as the Iran-Contra campaign surfaced, the proof of the pudding.

 These arms went to the Iranians for other wars too, not just Iraq, Nicaragua, Russia, and Afghanistan, how high can you count?  These wars no doubt kept arms dealers such as Khashoggi, Frank Terpil, Edwin Wilson, Schwmmer, Nimrodi, Ghorbanifar, and other Enterprise cohorts busy.  Especially when one considers the other side of the coins The Soviets, Sandinistas, and other miscellaneous underscores who felt betrayal and suddenly found themselves in dire need of better military couldn’t have been better for these warmongers.  Planes, ships, and the latest technical equipment just to name a few, well...the list must end. 

The ultimate motives kept well hidden, Persian Gulf Oil and as you well know, they got it.”

“Those who were unwilling to let them get away with those offenses, with the help of the Lord, are the reason we are still standing.   Those inspired by the Lord, who have tried to stop it," McCloud spoke, his Christian faith shining through.

"There were, a few even lived through it.  And then there were investigations, such as the Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities one among many," Major replied.

"What happened," Becka ask

"When the truth unfurled, Frank Church was asked by President Gerald R. Ford to refrain from speaking about the details of his Committee.  The truth buried so deep so that it never received the light of day, was classic of how measures unfolded.  The truth became hidden under the ruse of National Security.  Otis Pike with the House Committee could not even see the charter of the NSA that gave them their secret powers, the Justice Department and Pentagon suppressed that information, that is, if there ever was one in the first place," Major spoke, as his tone lowered.  "There were checks and balances introduced but," he hesitated before finishing, "they were classified."

Becka and McCloud simultaneously break out in disgusting laughter then Becka says, "This just cannot be real it is so," the laughter quickly turning as her burning tears run down her face, she tries to hide, as she finishes her words, "horrid."

Major then takes his handkerchief out of his pocket reaches across the table to wipe away her tears before he continues; “Now they had footings well established in the shipping and trade industries spread throughout the world.  With their power, they created well-hidden Front Companies that could give any legitimate competitor a run for their money and more.  Economic warfare was somewhat milder than warfare and less acute.  Nonetheless, these conspirators with the appetite for the show of slow upheaval deemed it worth every penny."

 "Were there ever any trials in which evidence was not removed and convicted any of these people with the justice they deserved," Becka asked then withdrew realizing it was an absurd question.

 "These Black Ops were committed," Major went on after Becka had finished speaking, "With the utmost secrecy to ensure the intent of the operations; when it came to responsibility none existed.  The illusionists fooled themselves into believing they could actually do this and they had a pretty good run.  With this belief ingrained into established policies, The Fourth Reich immersed abroad into almost every way of life.

Those hearings of fact finding affected Australia in a big way.  Out of those hearings came astounding information that Australian agents aided the CIA in the overthrow of Chilean Allende government, Vietnam as well as the events in East Timor, and if the world found out of this...

The Fourth Reich suddenly took measures as enragement broke out among Australian Officials who realized they had been deceived and exposed to the world as only mannequins.  Whitlam for one knew the U.S. coveted eavesdropping facilities situated in and around Australia spawned the contempt the world despised.  He threatened the exposure and existence of those advanced spying facilities.  Something he was not going to accomplish.

Political disembowelment took place almost immediately.  Completely exaggerated information appeared in the public and political domain about Whitlam and other members who supported his position.  The CIA, NSA, ASIS, MO9, ASIO, DSD, ONA, and JIO, I may have missed one or two," Major said with a shrug then went on, "This unique interwoven collective all seemed to work together on the Fourth Reich’s Third World deceitful projects.”

Becka interrupted her father with the question, "How could these facilities mean that much?"

"To help you further understand, where to begin," he hesitated briefly before continuing, "Let’s go back in time for a bit, secret amalgamations began with ANZUS formation on September 1 1951.  There were three countries in this pact, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.  These treaties were still very much alive at the time and enforced until the year 1984 when New Zealand and the United States had a falling out.  Also still in effect at the time was SEATO that had been signed September 8 1954 in Manila the participating countries were Australia, France, New Zealand, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, United Kingdom, and the United States.  The organization formally ended in 1977.  This is how it began little by little the undiscovered home for Intelligence agencies.  The Australian eavesdropping cryptic spy base facilities required special clearance and association to even be aware of its existence.  These spy bases are all off the record; they are extremely heavy weights on the factor scale.  There is one near Alice Springs; Pine Gap with its underground facilities, the surface littered with satellite dishes.  Other bases that we know of exist at Nurrungar in South Australia and Naval Intelligence at North-West Cape.  Arrangements are made through the NSA, Pentagon and the like.  There is in place very ominous security surrounding these military bases with their early warning and detection capabilities.  They relay information from satellites back and forth around the world.  These are massive world spying apparatuses linked with not so cryptic Echelon networks.  There are many sensitive U.S. Airfields for restricted use only located in Australia as well.  Moreover, a maritime Navel intelligence eavesdropping force with capabilities to monitor cargo movement and covert operations exist locally.  A place Kissinger hung his hat.

Now you may get the picture and I can continue about the Australian Nugan-Hand Bank.  It became a small part of the financial hub and had to go bankrupt as exposure came forth they could not contain.  From Hawaii, our committee got a break; and we went to Australia.

There were breakaway rifts that alone caused quite a ruckus but most one by one handled and so it went.  This of course was the involvement of Nugan-Hand Bank before it went under.  The bank established in 1973 from that point on used to make transfers and sales from one location to another back and forth throughout the world.  This would be the normal function of a bank so nothing to shocking there.

The sudden death, of one of the richest men in Australia, Nugan half owner of Nugan-Hand Bank, led to the bank’s disintegration. 

Nugan’s death joined the ranks of unsolved bankers’ deaths of other covert operational banks that were in dire straights close to the discovery such as Michele Sidona and Roberto Calavi of Italy.  Nugan and how he died was not without intrigue, with a stock fraud investigation pressing him.  Nugan had been told, "I’ll hunt you down," or to that effect if he turned evidence against everyone.  His death ruled a suicide though crime scene evidence indicated he could not have been the one that pulled the trigger.   

To complicate the overall circumstances a grand jury investigation was underway into a unique government official.  Edwin P. Wilson a good friend of all of us singled out because his project mistakenly involved others he assumed were like-minded.  Wilson operated and setup front shipping companies for the CIA when he built quite a solid reputation.  He was flamboyant using Nugan-Hand Bank to finance operations.  He belonged to ONI Navy’s Task Force 157 expert in the ability of tracking shipments, submarines, and heavily involved with government spying.  Now when the CIA claims, all association denied of any person compromised while engaged in a black operation one should not kid oneself because that is exactly what they mean.  Edwin P. became a fine example of this.

His investigation thwarted, and the indictment did not happen until 1983.  Therefore, he had leeway and time that he became involved in additional covert operations.  Moreover, another problematic occurrence that kept him from any kind of justice was that Sudden Death Syndrome.  The witnesses posed to testify against him kept contracting.

Wilson attracted much attention; earned his super star status because of his Iranian and Libyan connections.  Other revealed factors toward entitlement of super star status, during the course of events and as revelations during his trial brought out; he somehow kept quiet a disturbingly large C-4 delivery to Libya, purchased an entire spy ship, and perhaps even rowed it to Iran undetected.  He took on with only the help of one other man to arm, train and outfit Libyan forces; he supplied their fighter pilots, and aeronautical mechanics.  Then in a single leap, he polished it off using National Security subcontracting for assassinations of selected drug competitors, personal enemies of State for Libya.  Then Wilson topped it all single-handedly to take-out Carlos the Jackal absorbed all black contracting fees.  And then he made it home in time to give exclusive parties and private foxhunts.  Flamboyant details such as the Libyan training camp, CIA agents purchasing arms from him for their other operation, signature CIA explosives easily traced back to them, and so on.  In the end, all the circumstantial cumbersome material went away.

Finally, after some expert digging the elite life style acquired from being a Fourth Reich Arms Dealer came to a halt.  With Nugan-Hand exposed as the main financier of his escapades.

The cumbersome Mr. Wilson what would be his final determined fate?  As he served out the due sentence justly awarded by courts not the lifestyle he had planned for when he signed on.  The final justice would he die right before he came out of prison of that long awaited and dreamt about day or shortly thereafter?      

Added to the worry of fallout constantly watched for were the two bodies that drifted onto one of the Australian beaches.  Two men identified as major drug traffickers. 

These events created a panic for, Hand the other half of Nugan-Hand.  Then after Nugan’s death threatened his other employee’s something about if the concrete shoes fits you will wear them.

In our investigation, we found indications of corruptions of mammoth proportions.  The bank used as a convenient conduit to launder money.  The major involvement of the bank built to funnel weapons worldwide and to maintain covert operations financed from underworld activities.  Then profits distributed into relatively clean above board profit sharing accounts; this money freshly laundered could take on a complete legitimate appearance.  Fraudulent no collateral needed colossal loans were part of the conspiracy.  Phony Certificates unsuspecting people purchased.  Elite U.S. government contracts manipulated.  Paying of expendable indigenous people to do the dirty work and take the fall just in case they were caught, not very likely though yaw knows.  Weapons sold to Iran and Africa, when they were under sanctions.  This brought the market price up considerably for the black market merchandise purchased and sold through Nugan-Hand.  Contract murders arranged.  Political alignments received wealth, a literal myriad of governments and soon to be governments.  There were intermediaries of Nugan-Hands that were part of the profit sharing no questions asked type of arrangement.  Nugan-Hands unequivocal corruption spawned its downfall.” 

“The Lord definitely was watching out for the world when that one met its demise,” Becka states, they all agree. 

Major then asks, “Therefore, had it existence really hurt anyone you may say.”  McCloud and Becka had a look of confusion before they realized it was a supposition.  "You will have to ask the mom and pops, the average worker you know the usual ones," Major said.  A retro gaze came across Major’s face, staring across the room, he began speaking, "The people that lost their money to all those over expenditures," Major stood up, walking over to the window, gazed out.  Then as he stood watching the street below he spoke, "The bank collapsed with nothing they could do about it."  After a moment Major starting walking back towards Becka and McCloud and began talking to them before rejoining them, "Even though, as connected to the Pentagon as it was and the fall of it made headlines around the world.  There was little discussion if any in the U.S headlines.  In addition, instructions mandated to bury and rubber stamp it classified.  Nugan-Hand had a very knowledgeable attorney William Colby.

 GW Bush was the director of the CIA at the time this of course was before his firing from the CIA during the Halloween Massacre.  The DEA summoned to investigate as well, but nothing ever came of it.  Others were there at the time Thomas G. Clines, Bernie Houghton, and Theodore Shackley you can always count on him to trigger an event.  He has a long line of references; in charge of Cuban JM/WAVE, Station Chief in Saigon then CIA’s Western Division, Eastern Division of the CIA, which is the Australian division.

An old friend was there we ran into each other then we could not help going back to where all the action used to take place at the tavern.  Many others were up for the same thing."

"Father," Becka interjected before she could listen to anymore, "I know the reason you are friends with some of these men came from your involvement and loyalties to America.  Now more than ever, so happy you are here today.  Because from what little I have gleaned Nugan-Hand was not meant as a transient set up.”

"I agree and when you start adding all the factors together you arrive at a major conclusion," McCloud stated in total agreement.

"Which factors are you calculating," Becka questioned.

"Well," Major said stopping them both, "There are myriads of additional factors I am sure the only Lord knew about, because if you are speaking of all the factors just what I know of," he leaned over and looked at them speaking in his lowest of tones says, "This was one of, if not the most corruption infested clandestine centers of the entire world.  Oh and Hand a Black Ops sort of man went into hiding; aided in escaping through government links.

Much time has passed since then and additional discoveries unearthed.  There had been other banks before and during Nugan-Hand known to have the same type of business.  Some examples for instance: 

Investors Overseas Service founded in 1955 also caught the banking fiasco syndrome and liquidated stayed operational until 1973.  That is when Nugan-Hand capitalized

There are huge amounts of capital still unaccounted for and no trail.  These hot leads were impossible to trace with the reported missing files.  The man blamed for it all was a man named Vesco.  Did he or did he not, no one seemed to be able to actually tell.  Especially with his unequivocal ability to pass lie detector tests.  Agencies within the Federal government were shut down during their investigations of this banking entity.  Perhaps the Meyer Lansky connection kept getting in the way.  Perhaps the elect Richard Nixon commitment kept getting in the way.  Or both because this operation was illegitimate proven with, Michael Townley, the man charged with the Letelier assassination, installed as the Director for the Chilean branch of IOS.

The Fourth Reich used banking entities and other industries from before I.G. Farben as their emphatic cover.  These industries provide street address, and optimal cover to gain entry internationally. They traveled lightly.

This bank had installed laundry facilities.  There was hard evidence against this bank of Mafia involvement, but nobody did anything about it.  The Senators investigating allegations dropped them.  This bank had handled transactions for torture devices sold to foreign entities.  Libyan, transactions went through; perhaps the large donations he was willing to pay endeared Qaddafi to everyone at the time.  One way or another strings in the White House released the Libya orders.

Another, Castle Bank an offshore banking system, lured many people to meet the requirements for funding a bank.  The money vanished; the bank collapsed, they lost their money, the banking scenario.  Except of course for a very select few handsomely enriched people or private business that came out with enough land purchased from the loans to build an empire.  Somehow most of those loans were never repaid.  Those seeking a place to stash cash and or a tax haven, they are not too much of a risk for exposure when the downfall comes. 

They did their homework 

Just how many dictators paid to rule this time and how high was the body count the Lord knows.

The IRS began an investigation.  As it turned out the IRS investigators, were not much better than the Hoodlum they were investigating.  During their investigation, the IRS completely ignored the rule of law.

A covert operative that began his long spanning career with the OSS, Paul Helliwell, the man, noted for his reliability in raising money especially for Cuban covert operations.  The IRS withdrew completely no action was taken.

The cult of the illegal narcotics trafficking industry, controllable and an advantageous source of money banked with Castle Bank.  This included the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. 

One may be able to look back and consider the OSS had their day job with narcotics on the side or visa versa.

Repeatedly bank-by-bank seemed to make little more than a splash in the over all ocean of money as it hit the floor.  The moneymen spread the bank syndrome; banks kept coming down with, but nobody ever quite willing enough to catch onto, all they ever sent were flowers.

The drug epidemic took the world to a record low and Nixon scored in the public eye making headlines to disrupt the drug flow specifically to cut the marijuana flow from Mexico.  Therefore, the marijuana flow from Mexico lessened.  However, behind the scenes what failed to headline, the drug traffic from the Far East would continue as usual and take up the slack. 

Now that you both have more of the overall picture that intertwines, we have arrived back at Nugan-Hand only remnants of it remain.  Another has taken its place, bolder, encompassed more, and easier plays.  Think massive; consider monopoly as BCCI flourished.  It incorporated many worldwide banks.  The Bank of American helped start up BCCI therefore needed a qualified person to oversee their investment.  WWII Naval officer then a part of the State Department Roy Carlson was that person.  Other contributors included a friend of Pakistani Zia-ul-Haq, Agha-Hasen-Abedi.  In addition, the Sultan-Al-Nahayan the emir of Abu Dhabi formed BCCI as part of a Middle East banking industry.  BCCI soon turned into a sixty-two multinational industry.

BCCI processed more than a few interesting transactions, Pakistani A.Q. Khan’s nuclear program received financing.  Though no one admitted to it, it did not fall from the sky so Pakistan was rewarded for its cooperation in a most audacious way.  Simultaneously Pakistan could deposit their operational profits into BCCI branches.  BCCI was large enough to purchase countries debts at a discount.  BCCI became known throughout the financial world when it buckled as the collapse of the century.  In 1991, BCCI bled people dry except those who, for all intent and purposes were the who’s who of the underworld. 

Anyone who was anybody of the obscure side of the world gave the opportunity to bank there.  There were front companies created that hid the identity of investors.  For Instance, Pakistan, Abu Dhabi, or Saudi Arabia investors could place their money and garner a return from American investments and visa versa.  Stock brokerages; with huge sums of capital, could manipulate market prices creating huge returns for some predictable person.  Then sure enough that someone would take the windfall and the bank what it was set up for took the shortfall.”

"Are you filling us in about world renowned organized terrorists," McCloud questioned stopping Major short.

Major fumbled around a little then thought better of it.  "There is a larger picture than you would like to believe.  The sponsor of the whole operation, the person, or organization who sets up the operation; in reality is the Terrorist.

And I should know, they are well hidden 

The followers do exactly as told.  There are followers hired to do specific tasks, the people who offer these specialty services. Terrorism has become raw politics.  Once the fighting begins you create havoc and only then do others join in, but not without infliction.  Unless you know who is backing the so called terrorist or militia’s, who’s buying the guns and calling the shots...well then you really do not know anything at all.

If someone was to take up the cause for no other reason than justice;

Then you would be my brother

Therefore, with all this in mind, back in the part of the world that can wake up in the same place in their life they were when they laid down to sleep day after day.  First American National Washington D.C. had Saudi power broker CIA liaison Adham Saudi Intelligence attaché oversee transactions so they could become part of the American banking system.  One of the BCCI stockholders wealthy Saudi Arabian Khalid-bin-Mahfouz owned significant shares of the bank.  These were powerfully prestigious men.  Mahfouz already owned National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia.

Ghaith Pharaon purchased the Georgia NB from Bert Lance Federal Budget Director for the Carter administration, forced to resign because of pending banking fraud allegations.  He became the consultant and officer for BCCI.  Pharaon then sold that bank to First American National. The 1991 investigations of BCCI concluded the CIA was aware of the ownership disclosures of Financial General Bankshares.  During this investigation the CIA claimed to have given all this information to Donald Regan U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in 1985, the State and Treasury, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency or OCC, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of State, National Security Agency, National Security Council.  This activity never received daylight and discovered never actually given to the banking departments that would have taken corrective measures toward obvious improprieties.  There was adverse testimony nobody could figure out.  Banks used by the wrong people for their own personal control of events.  These elements in Financial General Bankshares, renamed First American, resounded as part of BCCI, as they expanded their base. BCCI excluded American holdings when reported on a worldwide scale.

"All this concludes what, perhaps some of them just did not want to admit they did not know," McCloud puzzled aloud. 

"They were just dumb," Major, questioned him.  McCloud shrugged.

"That’s possible, that inept yet directing the course of our Nation in some of the highest positions; that swiftly claim when referring to others, ignorance is no excuse of the law.  Opossum instead of innocent ignorance should pop into mind.  This demonstrated by their greed and power’s continual escalation into the abyss.  All those department heads were silent for a reason," Major responded.

When McCloud could settle back Major says, "BCCI donated extensively politically to the political campaigns of Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Bush.  There were unsecured loans given as favors.  Arms trafficker Adnan Khashoggi employed by the Fourth Reich 1954, Samir Najmadeen, Manucher Ghorbanifar, Ben Banerjee, and Cyrus Hashemi all moved money through BCCI.  The Nicaraguan Contras passed money through this banking system as well.”  Major looked back and forth at both of them.

 "October Surprise evolved into Iran-Contra," McCloud said.

Becka nodded then questioned with her eyes on fire, "I vaguely remember you’re watching the hearings.  All these commissions and hearings and Congressional inquiries were about as effective as the Warren Commission of the JFK murder.  So the Iran-Contra must be the nadir of our government corruption.”

Major's eyes squinted a little as he tried to answer then states, "Yes, the war ravaged world on television as America sat idly by watching.  Iran-Contra was just the tip of their nadir.  To explain further, to the casual observer it would seem, somehow magical George HW Bush surfaced at just the right time in just the right spot to take the lead.  He followed in the pattern of his father and associates to secure and use whenever necessary the Fourth Reich apparatus.  The secret White House Fourth Reich brought into the open during the investigations during the Iran-Contra Scandal.  No action invoked to dismantle it.  The attention of the world captivated by what it was capable of, then it emerged even more powerful.  A few participants left to dangle in the winds of public scrutiny felt abandoned.  Vague dialogue of witnesses deliberately evaded concrete explanations.  Arm dealers spoken of throughout the affair with tamed down names as middlemen.  Once these middlemen received their orders; they worked their magic to supply the Contras.  Grade-A-Army weapons along with ammunition flown directly to and given to the Contras.   

Supposedly, as it appeared all the members of the investigating committee were surprised that all these people had been using worldwide diplomatic channels, the good name, resources and without any regard for the laws of the U.S. as they wheeled and dealt with the underworld.  The CIA, Pentagon, Secretary of Defense, The President, Brzezinski, and Military helped.

The Nicaraguan country leadership occupied by the Contras a brutal militant force, trained by the CIA.  Another thing that did not come out so much was the amount of drug traffic, as with Adolfo Chamorro of the Contras that was used as one of their resources.  Along with the creatures of the CIA hired to carry out the counterfeit operations that used government supplies and equipment.  Their missions covered under diplomatic immunity with unchecked cargo they never needed to explain.  They somehow placed at the Sandinistas feet all the blame for the flow of illegal drugs coming into this country.

The mysterious Reagan Presidential finding to aid the Iranians with arms for hostages, Secretary Donald Regan testified in the Iran-Contra investigation he did not know a thing about.  Until Bill Casey then Director of the CIA requested the finding signed by the President sometime in October 1986.  An interesting finding that no one claimed to have seen except for National Security Advisor Poindexter who claimed he tore it up, not exactly an information awareness sort of person.  Regan testified that and nothing ever came of it.  In addition, another Reagan Directive said to exist exactly opposite of the other stating whatever means necessary so Iraq won over Iran.  Though Congress had passed The Intelligence Authorization Acts, and the Boland Amendment they were supposed to follow.  Exactly how can you blame anyone if nobody knew who was doing what exactly?  This in reality was not true.  They embarrassed Congress, the laws, and dignities of our great nation by pulling smoke and mirrors from their bag of tricks.  Extrinsic testimonies well rehearsed with numerous exclusions of the truth.  Some of the most highly decorated military officers in our country exemplary when it comes to taking orders and honoring the chain of command.

They knew exactly how deep people could dig with all the laws enacted to enforce secrecy.  In addition, those laws, they used all their guns to keep. 

They had covered up their non-compliance to the laws they themselves swore to uphold.  This and more these Iran-Contra personnel staked claim to patriotism.  Made it possible to keep the lid on the Bechtel U.S. backed Aqaba Iraq Oil Pipeline scheme.  Saddam at the last minute turned away from the deal.  Then, as everyone else, who decided not to do exactly as they were told, was put into the must humiliate then destroy category.  Saddam obviously was unaware of what category he had fallen into when the U.S. intelligence gave him the go ahead to invade Kuwait.  The continual illegal arming and un-arming of Saddam Hussein of Iraq is enough to put a spin on things.  There were indications of food for weapons involving him.

In addition, they did not have any obligation to inform the public of the actual number of mines planted along the Nicaraguan beaches.  In addition, exactly how many people died as a result?  What was the actual amount of money received from Khomeini and where did every penny of these monies go.  They never felt obliged to reveal to the public sector the workings of spy technology software downloaded into every element of the government and governments abroad by CIA employed assets.  And Government sponsored corporations posing as private entities when figures like $800 million ordered by Attorney General Ed Meese was taken out of the government budget for software upgrades and more.  Where did all of that money go?  In addition, all the companies posing as private when as truth goes were government employees or at best affiliates.  These entities accessed government funds and toppled legitimate companies.  Moved them out of the way or beat them out of legitimate commercial contracts using their spy ware and other means to monopolize each individual industry.  In addition, the investigations into trained death squads in all the many countries, never published, never curtailed only denied.  In addition, the American lives lost to the war on drugs that never really happened.  In addition, the planes and people suspected of drug trafficking one example by Customs, San Francisco police and others released by CIA constituents.  In addition, the drugs, the Kerry Committee report emphasized on we will have to dig up sometime down the road.  And the deaths or trumped up charges related to the investigations of the Cabazon Tribe reservation or Indio, California.  Alternatively, how CIA trained the Contra team using Argentine Intelligence.  The CIA had subcontracted to get around laws and restrictions they were supposed to follow.  The sabotaged elections in Panama for Manual Noriega and Nicolas Barletta recognized by The Reagan administration without hesitation is another story.  In addition, all the Oil interests never told.

All the time these things were occurring the general American public did not understand a thing.  They accepted the depletion of their Social Security that seemed to evaporate into the likelihood of the cost of running our humongous government.  All the while free money and free weapons by the truckload handed out to those selected who would ascertain around the world.  While the streets of America filled with the poor and hungry.  The great divide of the elite and working class grew wider.  No one seemed to mind it took two income earners to stay above poverty instead of just one.  Alternatively, they tried to take Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus out from government and society with one restriction after another.     

Yaw knows Nicaragua, there was more history never brought up it would not have been lost in the first place without the Somoza corruption, the monopoly.  The Anti-Communist Cuban Revolutionaries trained for their Cuban counter-revolutionary attack mules Manual Artime and Frank Sturgis operated with either and both sides.  The Somoza regimes cooperated even suppressed their activities.  During his rule made sure forthright elections never took place.  American interests that lined pockets of a few by employing the gainful resources of many. 

The interests of warmongers who brought decay and kept dirt poor slave labors this at a cost of human life, 60,000 or more, the new deal of old.  In a country where everyone should gain a piece of the whole; not a few to rob, kill, plunder, and leave the masses to rot.  Economic sabotage and what it can take away, the sad facts remain of the decent of Nicaragua into unearthly poverty levels.  All these gents were later pardoned by Bush when he had the power to do so including Alan Fiers.  Except of course for William Casey, he developed that sudden death syndrome that has hit so many before testimony time.  He might have brought the entire house down however, we will never know or will we?  Weather or not his testimony would have brought out evidence the CIA did not turn in their keys as they amassed.  Testimony contradicted and exposed the entire Operation as Operative Eugene Hasenfus walked out to tell the truth about the whole operation.  The only one that survived when his C-123K airplane was shot down by the Sandinistas.

Elliot Abrams when this happened went before Congress and testified just as plain as plain could be neither he nor anyone else was involved with this transport shipment.

However, Eugene Hasenfus had named Felix Rodriguez trainer in Operation 40, one of the main capturers of smoked Che Guevara in Bolivia 1963 a rare momento at the time for proud members of the 2506.  Rodriguez knew members in the White House well such as Donald Gregg, were team members of Operation 40.  Rodriguez, Posada Carriles, and Raphael Quintero were part of the team at the Ilopango, San Salvador Air Base.  Rodriguez had trained in Central America with Raphael Quintero for Cuban covert militant activities.

Ten-year wars of attrition in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, between Iran, and Iraq made many people bloody wealthy.  Reinvestment to them meant inflicting more wars.

Reagan passed an enormous amount of Presidential directives closed to the Public eye.  Their exuberance to divert democratically mandated government to full military power should have meant something, somewhere.  Especially in case a national emergency suspends the Constitution,” Major finished.

"Just as they were doing in all those other countries," Becka asked.

“Just like," Major slowly responded before continuing forward.  "Through the hearings and in conclusion, there grew sentiment among many prominent leaders such as Dick Cheney that not only agreed with North but advocated the fault for the entire operation should be put at the doorstep of Congress.  That Congress had brought this whole affair on by passing laws restricting wheeling and dealing.  Thus, not just advocating rights of Imperial Executive Leadership the outcome cinched the play for power in their direction.  You have to hand it to them for their captivating roles.  By being protectors of the President and shouting the triumph of democracy in tales of underprivileged Third World Countries.  Through this, they gained even more cloaking privileges from the laws and from exposure of their so-called Operational Secrets. 

They forgot to mention quite a few things one for example, the terror their conquest inflicted upon people in those Third World Countries.  People improvised that had to succumb to their weapons of war.  People who had to bathe in the grime of poverty and given war as they callously watched.  They watched forsaking any twinge of conscience for humanity.  They trained people to be masters who could watch and inflict human suffering, degrading the state of dignity into disgrace and mortal terror.  Claiming hero titles whereas all they really concerned themselves with was profit and greater power for themselves.  Who would stop them now, they spoke with one another in their secret hiding places.  Their warriors trained by some of the top military personnel in rudimentary hideaway airstrips that had once been part of the regular military in places such as Venice, FL and Arkansas to fly in the miles for profit and power conspiracy. 

During the Reagan years, the economic downturn crippled people of our great nation.  A strategy of tension effect they pillaged by in many other nations.  Bankers who could turn them a little later for profit confiscated homes.  Families destroyed and displaced with fear now installed of what might happen next to them.  Prayer outlawed in public places, school, and everywhere.  They finally levied it. Worse yet people complied, the one country left with the right to worship, as you believe without government interference and persecution.  Jobs were gone and wages plummeted as they planned.  Then they claimed the hero after they destroyed us with their stimulus bills, defined to the working folk as higher taxes.  During which, they all basked in the lives of excess and luxury. 

Those of us who tried to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives barely managed, we couldn’t have without the knowledge and love of the Lord.  If we held out our hand he would carry us.  If we were falling apart he would hold us together. To see the beauty of the world Jesus was trying to save made each day worthwhile.  He brought hope to those of us who had lost it and inspired the belief peace would someday return.  It was the Lord who was there to comfort, inspire, to could count on and offset all the bad with his mercy.  He was there to give us strength and love.           

The Fourth Reich kept going forward with their plans by the time they arrived to the Presidency of Bush.  Full force was used to impose themselves on other countries without as much as a blink of the eye.  As President Bush became free to wheel and deal just like they operated the CIA.  They no longer had to hide behind covert exposed terms such as Cold War.  The Fourth Reich began to come out a little from under their cover as operations continued.  Exploded openly with Manual Noriega of Panama, he was taken into custody in a bloody battle.  They took over the country, just like that.  True, they never should have put him into power in the first place it was ludicrous.

They are held accountable

They have time and again run up against one huge obstacle deriding their efforts.

 “BCCI was another one of those undisclosed activities not expounded upon therefore, BCCI and more, survived the Iran-Contra hearings.

However, they had not yet achieved their nadir.  In addition, by now they had taken all sorts of measures to ensure complete control.

 BCCI the money mover, other platforms grew strong, BCCI S.A. BCP of Geneva, KIFCO of Kuwait, Cotopax and ICIC of the Grand Caymans to name a few. 

When Bush became President not surprisingly, the Justice Department closed doors on the BCCI investigation.  As the doors were closed on BCCI the Saudi’s took the final blows, and the CIA and Company walked away better off as they had before.

It did not start that way with the Saudis.  The Americans starting with Roosevelt courted the Saudi Royals.  Saudi Royals invited into the center of the uppermost circles of American business.  Saudi Royals also courted to buy American Oil businesses like Harken in 1987.  Saudi liaison Ghaith Pharaon kept everyone connected such as Sheikh Abdullah Bakhsh and Khalid bin Mahfouz, Saudi Oil, their money, and even their belly dancers, if they only knew what their relationship was about to bring.

Awhile after Carter relieved Bush from being CIA head in January 1977, Bush went to FIB First International Bancshares.  Bush took the helm as a result FIB emerged as a banking industry financier an industry natural he received it from his daddy.  When CCAH took over Financial Bankshares, there were questions about the legalities of the involvement of intelligence operatives and representatives but that was as far as it went.

Capcom Financial Services owned over 80% by UK Capcom, Capital Commodity Dealers Ltd., Investcorp, this conglomerate created simultaneously with BCCI with the same flow of capital in mind.  Intelligence assets with enough capital to purchase large real estate deals in reality were strategic operational ventures, along with other high-ticket items such as small aircraft, guns, or weaponry.  These operations layered with government security.  There was the practice of skimming money from people’s accounts.  The lawyer firms directly related to and well read in litigating circumstances were always on call if questions arose concerning commerce activities.  Well rehearsed in squelching any undesirable probing.

As all this was churning, there was a man I mentioned who came across some of these activities, Danny Casolaro a journalist by trade.  He had initially decided to write a book and continued to do so, as he investigated however, it turned into more.  The trail he was on led him to Indio, California and the Cabazon Indian tribe.  The triple execution of Fred Alvarez and his two associates more than likely caught Danny’s attention and drew further investigation of the Cabazon Indian tribe.

In case, you two did not know any Indian reservation being Sovereign is entitled to immunity from the usual government oversight.  Therefore, the Wackenhut Corporation a CIA front drew up an alliance to operate on the reservation and gained access to full sovereign cover and immunity from taxes.  Most of their activities involved the testing, manufacture of weapons including biological and shipments of these.

Mr. Casolaro had made discoveries about Area 51 and the U-2 spy plane one of NSA coveted trinkets.  His discoveries and his determination led to his death.”

"All we hear and are led to believe about Area 51, anomalies, UFO’s and such is black propaganda," Becka questioned.

"Area 51 is one of the places involved in testing of their latest aerodynamics and newest techniques," Major answered.  He continued, "Since the time of Harry S. Truman; crashed UFOs are under exclusive control of MAJI except briefing to the president.  As you now know, the U-2 was operational completing missions all around the world.  The Fourth Reich deeply involved."

"And Allen Dulles installed the directive that took away any information of any kind given to the president, as you recall," McCloud added.

"A Rogue Elephant, the spy craft that survived after the U-2 an A-12 OXCART crashed in 1963 the whole affair was covered too quickly.  The A-12 OXCART has an airframe of 90% titanium the 9th most precious metal in the world.  We are talking here of an alloy where the price is usually quoted in grams," Major stated. 

"And with their love of snatching and their documented devotion to medical experiments that explains a lot...” Becka trailed off.

More than I care to

McCloud states, "No messy court orders to obtain, no judicial oversight."

Major stated, “Another faucet of Hitler’s much sought after Ark, the Reich involvement extracted and continued.   These exposed tidbits of a much larger icon.  Much of the Hitler scientific research remained intact and even hand carried by Fourth Reich scientists and were provided means to further their research in these Top Secret, super protected, underground facilities.  Hitler’s underground facilities recreated so the Fourth Reich could remain undetected.  Hitler had already developed aircraft with speeds of 1200 miles per hour, extreme altitudes that led to the folklore of UFOs descending from outer space.  These craft had the ability of vertical take offs and landings; they had laser technology aboard for tracking and disruption of other aircraft.  The Nazi’s had used these methods near the end of WWII.  There was other terminology besides UFO; some were nick-named Foo Fighter’s, and other miscellaneous names.”

“They sure conjured up a lot of propaganda for the world to swallow about UFO’s then added to it,” Becka formulated.

“Then McCloud spearheads a question, “Did we really ever land on the moon.”

Becka adds to the McCloud theory, “Or did that fall under the heading of propaganda.  To make the Russians think they were hopelessly outwitted.  Where is our second landing, or the third or an outpost built next to our American flag?”

Major answered, "That will due, because it all tied into the third world endeavors, and their achievements.  Now back to the BCCI, the Fourth Reich could meet its equipment quota and payments to the Afghanistan Warlords through BCCI banking channels.  Who in turn deposited their Poppy proceeds, and watched their money grow.”

"Is that how he got the name Poppy Bush," McCloud asked.  They all laughed a lot the first time in days.

Then they were ready for Major to continue, "The Lord certainly helped a lot with this one as U.S. Customs were able to bring down BCCI.  The FBI later became aware to the uncanny operations.  This happened right after the Fourth Reich Operation was coming to a halt in Afghanistan.  No coincidence BCCI survived all the investigations such as Iran-Contra, undetected, as it aligned itself part of the intimate circle of operations.

There were innocent people all over the world that had unknowingly banked with BCCI along with the criminals.  When it collapsed these people lost their money.   After the BCCI monopoly self-destructed with investors clamoring the CIA stated, under oath, involvement with BCCI was for intelligence-gathering purposes only.”

"Oh that’s a good one," states McCloud

 “That’s such good one, just as if someone said for medicinal purposes only,” Becka states.

Major had tilted his head with the corner of his mouth turned upwards, humored more by the fact that McCloud and Becka had finally started to grasp things.

“It’s in their credo, they have to keep their standards and compete with the one Helms gave them.” McCloud remarked.

“If they can, they unequivocally are by far with no match in second through twelfth place the top liars in the world,” Becka, carefully said polishing it.

Then Major says, “All through the years, these well-hidden operations used for supplying arsenals of weaponry.  This weaponry once given to their well-trained mercenary brigades in turn became involved with any number of small government destabilizations, coos, or full-blown sieges at any given time.  They had official become, off the record of course, the final stage of The Fourth Reich.

As collusion amassed with these war-torn countries so did their trademarks; prayer forbidden, places of worship placed under scrutiny, people of faith persecuted and now their eternal enemy, just for the record. 

Abolishment of any legitimate constitution, control of the press, trade unions brought under control if not completely abolished.  Then they could slide their hand picked liaisons in the top ranked positions.  From their point of view how can you optimize mining natural resources if you have to pay above board wages to these people?  There were unprovoked arrests, false flag terrorist or fascist acts leading to civil unrest and outright fear that would ultimately lead to the intended result of a military crackdown thus gaining their jurisdictional power.”

“Do they brand all Christians communist,” Becka questioned.

“It would seem that Major replied, and then continued, “Also under their control, they enforce their dictatorship.  Extensive prolonged unwarranted detainment in excessively degraded and dehumanized environments until they die or pray for death.  Executions take place to eliminate any opposition to their form of power; thereby the populace lives in a state of fear. 

In fact, in the world of spies and hoodlums they authored a manual named KUBARK.  In their how to manual, it dictates all their cruel torture procedures.  These researched and tried methods not suppositions and quandaries mostly proven on live subjects.  Even their own dedicated men and women under their control sadly became their rats,” Major finishes speaking then remains quiet for a few minutes. 

The world Becka and McCloud thought they knew just a few days back had unwholesomely vanished.  The darkness and stillness of the evening was creeping in through the windowpanes, secluding them from the world outside. 

 As it turned out, no one slept a wink.

McCloud became restless and could not get enough.  After pondering different aspects of all the enlightenment he had a question, “Adnan Khashoggi, you said early as 1954 his involvement took hold, is he still a part of the apparatus,” McCloud questioned.

“One of the trusted hired hands of the Saudi inner circle; loyal to a fault.  Spanning the globe Adnan became one of the largest if not the wealthiest arms dealer of the century.  Included in secret operations thus allowed to make money and gain influence by a man named Salem bin Laden.  Salem bin Laden knew it all as one of, if not the most depended upon person of the Saudi inner circle.  Salem most likely the main architect of the October Surprise then brought Adnan into it.  Salem bin Laden accompanied King Fahd and met with President Reagan afterward. 

  By 1956, Adnan started making money as an arms merchant.  The Oil Barons did not have to get their hands nor their reputations involved.  Khashoggi did the purchasing for them, using their prestige to gain millions upon millions in return.  Khashoggi and his support team were the intermediaries.  He donated large amounts of money to Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Bush.  Khashoggi and pals rewarded in return for their loyalty with such commodities as lucrative contracts to erect military bases and so forth.

The Bush team, The Royal family and other select members rendezvoused to speculate on their projects, be it gold digging, oil speculation, or warmongering.  Khashoggi business shrewdness sought and he did not disappoint.  They gathered in remote havens such as the Safari Club in Kenya.  Khashoggi became the owner of the Ol Pejea ranch house just a short drive away.  This isolated place was free from interference where planning and discussions took place.  These gatherings flourished during the Watergate scandal, as the U.S. World manipulation complex under scrutiny for their illegal activities became heavily restricted.

This became the piggy back ride for world manipulation through covert operations.  This out of the way Kenya ranch gave cover to plot episodes in the Kermit Roosevelt anti-communist takeovers.  As son of Prescott Bush, George Bush carried on plotted with Saudi spy attaché Kamal Adham and others.  Some ruling dignitaries, mainly Spy Agency members from around the globe became part of this aberration such as The Shah of Iran, Morocco, Egypt, and France, along with Saudi Arabia.  People who shared in this goal reaped unbelievably.  Highly sophisticated off-the-record covert military operations began to take place around the world.  It became a financial opportunity for these members.  They participated in several industries the Carlyle Group, Skyway Aircraft just two of the bunch.  These investors knew each other well, more than you can imagine.

Wackenhut used extensively then.

This is when Islamic militants, unbeknownst to them, signed on to fight for this cause.  Extensive layering was installed so that the militants never were aware those at the top were actually the best of friends.  The insurgents were developed and used as the Fourth Reich military. 

The operative work with the U.S. Fourth Reich complex flourished for all involved as they located large gold and oil reservoirs.

Intermediaries began to interlock with U.S. Defense contractors who paid handsomely in rewards and kickback dollars to those who were willing to set up the business deals to equip the Saudi Arabia and other Nations with war technology.  The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enacted to eliminate bribery detailed as cash advances.  However, it did not work for those that understood how to work the law.  Laws were broken, circumvented, ignored, and the bribery continued uninhibited.

Showing you both Khashoggi’s proximity to the intimate CIA inner circles, how well he knew Kermit Roosevelt and John B. Anderson, all became business acquaintances in the Black Angus Cattle Ranches part of the Arizona-Colorado Land & Cattle Ranch.  This relationship must have formed from the moment Khashoggi, and Kermit began working together on such endeavors as the 1953 Iranian rebel takeover of Mosaddeq.

John B. Anderson earned his trademark by creating the Black Eagle Trust.

George H.W. Bush served Barrick gold well where these people worked together.”

McCloud says, "Of that saying, it takes money to make money...they must have written it."

Major continues speaking, “With each country take over more and more assets made them rich seized under their control.  Looting and confiscation of the most valuable assets occurred and were carried away, natural resources mined until depleted.  These men walked away with the booty.  The plundering left countries cruelly devastated.  People starving for the bare necessities of life, tried to manage under the dictatorship of warlords.  Dictators and warlords who were there for gain.  They raped the world of its dignity and charm.  Drunkards untouched by any human toll laughed and carried on amassed by their riches.

Before the BCCI subject is complete, there are a few loose threads.  Even after all was finished, the public unaware, uninformed, and unabridged into its secret workings.

The start into covert work for Adham began as a Langley Virginia trained operative.  He then became the Intelligence director in Saudi Arabia and the U.S. intelligence liaison.  A man who bridged the Camp David Peace accords 1970.  He took the heat on matters of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia from Lockheed and remained loyal.  He also, took the heat in the BCCI affair.  The First American Bank takeover from CCAH, Financial General Bankshares, and the National Bank of Georgia shared most of the same connections.  When BCCI busted out publicly George H.W. Bush, then the president at the time showed his proximity to the truth and rewarded Adham CIA style as he publicly denied even knowing Sheik Adham.  Khalid Bin Mahfouz paid the $225-million fine imposed as BCCI was brought to a close.

The book never closes on BCCI one cannot understand BCCI in the least until after you know a little about the war of attrition in Afghanistan.  The Soviets knew of the abundant natural gas and oil fields there.  Pakistan advantageously nestled between China, and the Soviet Union sought after by all the major players.

Long before the Soviets were aware of it, nestled deep inside The North West province is perched a top-secret spy facility.  Therefore, The Fourth Reich already knew of the undeveloped Natural Gas and Oil reserves, they knew everything the Soviets knew.  Ahead of the Soviets in efforts, to get a couple of major oil pipelines started. The Soviets had the truth fall from the sky so too speak.  The North West record of embarrassment for the U.S. included the incident May 1, 1960 of the U2 spy plane shot down by Khrushchev in Moscow, the pilot Francis Gary Powers survived then captured by the Soviets.  He told the truth about the reconnaissance missions over the Soviet Union.  The U-2 had left out of the U.S. Peshawar airstrip just 62 direct flight miles from Abbottabad.  The pact for the airport between the two countries signed in 1959.  Gary Powers became the first Cold War spy exchange.

Therefore CIA agent Francis Gary Powers was successful beyond belief in his Fourth Reich mission.    

The Warmongers respected no boundaries, everyone thought to be within their reach.  A New World Order had begun to emerge.  Who said war is good for the economy...must have been they who owned the oil wells and received the windfall and marched to the beat of the drum.

What happened to the rest of us; you wonder.  With the help of the Lord to see us through, the American populace shouldered the contagion of war, financial burdens, and drug related epidemics.  Not one government did we support that put no limit on increasing tax burdens and obtuse laws but additional separate well-hidden governments that implemented their personal interest along with One World Power militaries and organizations.

Philosophies from participants of the scheme became widely known such as Brzezinski and his Imperial Geostrategy terms along with his global dominance theory, imported his beliefs that democracy is the enemy. Any worldwide security organization or governing body is first, right at the top of this list.  They have plotted to impose themselves and try to if they can take us away from all that we believe in and hold dear.  Their secrets are but schemes and fabrications.

The Committee for Foreign Relations formed by oil barons, bankers, business magnates; used the broad powers of their government liaisons to enrich themselves.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO is a strictly military alliance.

Another machination The PNAC for global leadership, the Administration of Ronald Reagan credited with achievements towards their intended goals.  They greatly sought Iraqi Oil, disguised their ambitions under the assertion of desire to assist the Iraqi people to liberate themselves.  Interestingly enough the men and women of this organization have been placed into pivotal leadership roles in our government.  They are looking forward to a catastrophic event for the realization of the full spectrum of their goals.

Other machinations are the IMF and the IBRD, which became part of the World Bank.  Their plans to control the populace include such measures as reduce job stability, reduce their wages, reduce their benefits, increase work hours, and reduce pensions, and most of the subsidies.  These are some of the regulations and guidelines they have imposed.

These world organizations riddled with corruption and scandals such as the diversion of IMF funds into non-published accounts. 

The people of the world they seek to control are without elected officials under their strategies.  Except when it comes to exhorting money, then they remember there are people other than themselves.

The World Anti-Communist League (WACL) established in Taiwan with backing by CIA agent Raymond Clines in 1966.  Chapters opened all over the globe; the American Chapter established in 1970 by Lee Edwards.  This toleration group received and donated heavily towards the Nicaraguan Contras. 

This toleration group relied upon and became the covert arm for the President and the war engagements of the Enterprise to divert and use the American attributes for their own use when Congress said no more war and cut the money flow.

This group offers training and exerts the use of political and psychological warfare.”

"Why did they receive diplomatic immunity or fall into the off the record intelligence status after they willfully broke every law they should have followed," Becka questioned.

"Good question,” Major replied.  He then continued.  And generally the world swallowed the lies.  The colossal establishment that delegates to most of them would be The United Nations (UN).