Chapter 3



Daniel 2:

21:  And he changeth the times and

The seasons: he removeth kings,

And setteth up kings; he giveth

Wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge

To them that know understanding.

22:  He revealeth the deep and

Secret things; he knoweth what is in

The darkness, and the light dwelleth

With him.

23:  I thank thee, and praise thee, O

Thou God of my fathers, who hast

Given me wisdom and might, and

Hast made known unto me now what

We desired of thee: for thou hast now

Made known unto us the king’s


Preparation for world conquest began years ago.  There are taboo subjects that should not be.  These vital matters need to be exposed then conquered.  It is torturous how trendy it has become to remove religious beliefs from sight.  This has taken us away from the true light into a world where none exists.  The Fourth Reich and others constantly try to deceive everyone into believing Heavenly Father and his Son; the Savior is not present.  To force us to live in an enclave where our every thought and action can be scrutinized and used for malice, fun for them or to humiliate and use for their own personal joy.  Where our lives are no longer our own but are considered worthless to be subjugated under their hands to suffer from unlawful and corrupt abuse of power with no restraints to their cruel and intolerable wickedness.

Hitler proudly motivated Heinrich Himmler who took credit for Hitler’s final conversion into the Thule Society.  Eckert Dietrich was positive Hitler was the Anti-Christ and that was true.

Dietrich was the medium through the occult connections and accepted Hitler in a big way then passed all he could to Hitler and taught him all he could.  The Thule Society obsessed by mysticism and the most Northern areas of the world searching for the great divide of the supreme Aryan.  They were obsessed with violence.  These identify some of their fixations and sports.

The Thule Society, the Vril-Gesellschaft, and the Ahnenerbe were all the same entity.  Himmler set up the Nazi SS and every other occult organization Hitler controlled.  These collectives were xenophobic of Communists, Jews, Gypsies, the very young, the old, and all that was good.

These cults sought the world over and performed anything new they did not know especially that of satanic origins.  They longed for then rediscovered the Babylonia Mystery Society.  These discoveries all incorporated into their spiritual rituals.  Hitler was the High Satanic Priest of the world.  Hitler seized the Spear of Destiny, an artifact out of the Vienna museum a very precious artifact he vowed to possess.

Death camps engineered into concentration camps relied upon for their slave labor pool; these people also used for their experimental drug testing, medical experimentation, eugenics experimentation that successfully altered human form manipulation, and human scientific research.

 They collaborated at Auschwitz in Germany and with slave labor produced fuel from coal.  The Monowitz built to house slaves.  The slave camp also produced rubber along with the synthetic oil. 

The process for producing isooctane passed along to Germany from American Industrialites.  Without it, the Nazis WWII airplanes would not have been able to get off the ground.  The good folks at Standard Oil made sure the composites for aviation fuel such as tetraethyl lead arrived in Germany and continued uninhibited during WWII.  Japan supplied with tetraethyl as well throughout WWII.

The fuel provided to America during WWII was threatened then came to a stand still when questions arose concerning duplicity.  The duplicity overlooked so the fuel could regain flowing to the American side not however without it doubling in price.

ITT collected information from around the globe and kept for themselves the lion’s share of information it gleaned and dribbled out enough to keep everyone else well behind.  The South American ITT operation kept German front lines informed.

July 1935 the Ahnenerbe think tank, just a think tank, think again it began the search for and discovered mind control.  In their search for the obtuse, severe mutilations took place largely discovered in the Scythian fields’ area.  Their continual effort to find the third eye near the pineal gland radically pursued because they believed it was all they needed to give them the edge in superiority.

Graves of what remained of human experiments discovered buried under lime and calcium chloride in an attempt to dissolve the skeletons.  These evasive actions preformed as they escaped, to eliminate discovery of their research by the advancing Allied WWII troops.  They destroyed much but not all their entire well documented research.  This area contained evidence of their ruthless plight to find their one desire the Indo-Germanic Nordic Aryan supreme breed of white skin and golden blond hair.  These idolaters convinced this race originated in the North.  Hitler’s purpose of all this research performed to achieve the ultimate payoff, World Aryanization, and the elimination of the rest of mankind. 

Hitler’s men do not believe in any Godly equation, only their own selves.  Their actions are ultimately to achieve domination to rule for 1000-years.

**Not a chance

Heavenly Father and the Lord will have that one

Their unique desires to control the entire world, all the gain, and all the glory with none to share for any other person.  They used trickery during the war to beckon their intended victims.  Confiscating all they brought with them right down to their gold teeth.  Afterwards, hopefully, but doubtful they used human skin to make lampshades and for painting canvases to paint pictures on for their amusement.

Another intended result of their experimental human breeding was to achieve production of loyal followers who would obey regardless of what commands they were given.  They tried to eliminate moral inhibitions through genetic engineering.  To achieve their brainwashing goals they engaged horrendous methods of electric shock.  Extreme physical tortures of death administered to discover where all the breaking points were for some.  Children to adults mutated, unfed, changed to the outer edge remained only similar to human form, the anarchy of pure evil.  Cruel sexual atrocities performed on innocence.

Mind-altering drugs created and used in their labs such as LSD enhanced their torture process.  Hence, they begat the use of over abundant mental stimuli coupled with drugs to try to break with the confines as they so describe, of moral fiber.  They learned how to break down the mind and install their Anti-Christ credence.  When WWII was finished, somehow Ahnenerbe scientists vanished without a trace.

McCloud wants to know, "So there are sets of instructions out there stating, give this drug and do this and the person will commit suicide and give that drug and do that and the person will do what they are told."

"That is correct; they sought psychotropic weaponry.  Added to this they thought they could achieve this as they believed then distorted presumptions by authors like Charles Darwin and others who brought forth unauthorized theories claimed as the blueprint for the creation of mankind," Major said.

 "Just like the missing link theory, is that and only that a supposition they have only a piece of the human equation.  Therefore, they display their lack of ability to reason in they search to be Gods," Becka brought forth then continued, "The only real link is Christ the Lord, and he is very present."

"Well now it is a true crime against humanity, as the Darwin theories were used as a basis for Hitler’s cesspool," Major spoke.  Then he further stated, "Taken advantage of by the Reich.  Natural selection, selective breeding, elimination of the weak, survival of the fittest, and they of course chose themselves as the ones that should ascertain without any authority to do so, all that Heavenly Father created. 

The Reich thought they just had to find that elite connection to themselves.  Well, took quite a while longer; even with their work given all the room it wanted," Major stated.

Then Becka added to what her father had said, "It did not take, but a few years as they usurped into our society to propagandize the sacred values we all should have upheld."

Major then specified, "Once WWII ended, and the Fourth Reich restructured these experiments were allowed continuation at places like Plum Island and others; these nefarious activities broadened into the world at large.  These experiments committed in violation the Nuremberg Code and many others."

These experiments exploited throughout the Country, could not help being exposed.  During the 1970’s, they gained public exposure.  Congressional investigating revealed mind-altering drugs and experimentation and the wide dispersion of these upon the innocent and unsuspecting populace.  A populace who never even suspected such atrocities would take place.  These people believed, and had every right to do so; they were living under the protection of a fair honest and just government.

A country established in the name of God by people who fought and died for an exemplary American Constitution.

The Navy, and others, who received Nazi documents, continued drug experiments with discreet code-named operations:          

Project Chatter 1947, experiments on innocence with LSD and other drugs. 

Project Bluebird further drug experimentation and electroshock techniques.

Operation Midnight Climax

1951 Project Artichoke

Projects Third Chance

Derby Hat

They investigated MK-ULTRA an operation well hidden from exposure paid for with taxpayer levies.  President Ford appointed a committee chaired by Nelson Rockefeller.  Frank Church ran a Congressional investigation stemming from this project.  Senator Edward Kennedy held hearings.  They discovered en masse experimentation on the public with LSD and other drugs.  Unsuspecting targets drugged, electric shock applied to obliterate memory, performed sensory deprivation on these souls, brainwashing procedures, programming, electrode implantation, and forcible castration.  The terror drug Anectine given and is worse than anything you know.  This drug left victims conscious and completely aware and their body immobilized.  People taken against their will to out of the way locations and experimented on as if they were their lab rats.

Torture justified as a means to extract information.  Unusually cruel methods administered; unheard-of experimentation to all but one; of course, Hitler, and his composite of people that became….  Government embroiled.  Government funded experiments on other living entities without remorse. 

Another well-known experiment by a man considered a UCLA medical team expert Louis J West experimented with LSD dosages on elephants.  During his ruthless experiments he killed one and concluded by informing everyone that wild elephant herds, should be controlled and killed using this form of degradation.

 These experiments also took place in hospitals, clinics, prisons, colleges, research foundations, pharmaceutical companies, and upon active duty Vietnam Soldiers some of these places if not all received government funding.  There were documented suicides and worse that resulted from these experiments.  The victims or their families never told the truth.  The Navy that received Nazi data suddenly became acutely interested in programming assassins.

Discovered through these hearings and Committees, at least five hundred thousand Americans used without their knowledge then experimented on in one way or another.  These discoveries were the documentation of experiments, at least documentation that still existed, between the years 1940 through 1974.

Extensive experimentation for creation of the perfect spy took place these people claimed all the crude and unlawful acts mandated and justified because of their end goal.

We have finally come to the worst; Monarch enacted by the same people as the MK Ultra program.  Another operation like the widespread government torture campaign; topics they did not delve into during open court sessions.  These scientists were allowed and still do inflict absolute terror upon the most innocent of our society.

The disgusting results the Nazi mind controls deplorable testing discovered was children birth to six years of age were the most easily turned into human slavery.  They put up the least resistance.  They wanted complete control over every aspect of life, mind, and body.  Therefore, they targeted mainly children and adolescence for testing and pleasure and they got them.  Innocent victims abducted from every possible location.  Victims that did survive in tact enough and brought forth a case against this politic never saw the light of day and those that did come forth received little if any justice.  They became victims of the judicial system as well; as they had to try to stand up against the powerful and corrupted men to receive some fragment of justice.  None came.  The power behind these exploits was immense this was government planned, government employed, government supplied, government set up.  This is what these children and adolescence try to stand up against or escape.

The reason for the exploitation of preschools and cases unearthed such as Michael Aquino.  A teacher of political science, a military attaché to the Defense Intelligence Agency and belonged to the psychological warfare division.  A US Army Lieutenant Colonel, Aquino had been linked with evidence to both the Offutt AFB abuse and the Presidio Army Base day care.  This human was a recognized satanic clergyman; he practiced within the ranks of the military with high-level clearance.  He forced participation by children in his satanic Nazi Pagan ritualism.  They let him walk. 

Government instillations and Air Force Bases connected with an international deviant ring never brought forward.

There were the Lawrence King and the Franklin Credit Union case.  The Credit Union Ponzi scheme he was running on top of the full-fledged pedophile and pornography ring is the only thing that got him time.  He seemed to have political protection from the crimes of magnitude against children and went un-prosecuted for them. 

There was sinful witchcraft forced upon these children and the entrapment of new children inducted into the pedophile ring after they broke them down.  These activities obtained a little notice but not much.  However, not much else came from it.  Gary Caradori the private investigator on the case died as his plane broke apart shortly after take off.  Neither he nor his son survived.  The witness affiliated with this case died all too conveniently as well.  Some of the other witness suddenly recanted their testimony.  This is what we have learned to expect when Powerful Washington men are involved.  Call girls and young men jetted behind closed doors at power elite parties and national conventions.

In all these cases, even if the court staffers have pure hands, pure hearts, and some of them have just that.  These courts have proven they are insufficient to deal with the enormity of corruption that takes place within the power structure corrupted from the top down.

People have devolved with Hitler’s fortification and into justifying debauchery at the expense of other living creatures.


Those not in their circle have a hard time even stretching their mind to even hear their evil, nor do they understand, because we hate even to fathom, what has become of our world.

These people have no soul

They sold their souls and what remains becomes vacant blackness

Hope they enjoy their place in hell

**We’ll warm it up


Becka starred for the longest time and no one said anything.  It grew uncomfortably quiet.  McCloud broke the silence, “Becka c’mon what is troubling you so.”

“Mother told me,” she fidgeted for awhile.  Major was silent.  He and McCloud were extremely compassionate because they could tell it was hard for her to continue.

Then Becka opened up recapturing what her mother had confided had happened to her years before, “She was working out of town, away from her family.   A pretty young lady away from home and she was invited to this party.  She did not remember much from the party after she drank a drink.  She only drank non-alcoholic beverages and that is what they told her.  The next thing she could remember was riding behind this fellow on back of a motorcycle heading out of town.   The hard time she had of it she did not tell much about.  But it must have been quite an ordeal. 

She was put in an institution and given electroshock therapy.  It was so painful at the time she had to escape she remembers she was floating or seemed like she was. It seemed she was above those standing around her as she received this cruel torturous application.  She later found out someone had put something in her drink at the party.

She could only have survived that ordeal by the hand of the Lord, it must have been meant to be.  Only you believed her.”  She stops and looks at Major.  Then she finishes, “Even years later, she was aware when she spoke on the telephone things always happened.  We got used to going outside of the house to converse especially on sensitive subjects.  She knew they were listening.  Then as anomalies started happening to me,”

“I know,” Major said.

Becka continued, “That is when she told me, of that awful time that violated her, that is when she also told me, “They have done things to me, and now they are doing things to my child.”  She turned to Major, “I remember that day you and her came unglued because of the blue VW parked outside front of our house and wouldn’t leave.” 

“That’s right,” Major said.

“She suffered so much her whole life, what an inexcusable sickening horrific injustice they inflicted upon her then us.” 

McCloud says, “I knew your Mom well, quiet little sweet person, how could anyone do such a thing, so morally brutal.  It is almost impossible to visualize her taking off on the back of a motorcycle.”

“Exactly, mind hallucinogenic drugs make you lose control of yourself.  Their experimental drug testing, on an unsuspecting recipient, is exactly what happened to her.  Then she was set up to continue their medical experimentation and electric shock deplorable inhumane malfeasance.  It did her in,” Major emphasized.  They were quiet, the severity crippled them.  This is not something you can run from.

“Well McCloud,” Becka states as she moves and looks at him.  “Count me in, too.”

After Major cleared his throat he continues, "Let me make it clear before you two decide to do this, you should hear the rest, The Fourth Reich was gradually becoming worldwide dictators without firing a shot.  Operations had not halted, as they should have in the U.S. either.  About this time, yet another black Operation identified as CHAOS slung in a wide scale into our society.  This Operation again or still, same type of Operation with added trickery subleased under a new name continued the collection of, then sent out the back door private citizen’s information to our CIA.  The CIA received names from the FBI, Justice Department, and the IRS to add to what they collected.  The CIA given the right to protect its sources, information whereabouts, and dealings they had mounted.  The truth was sought by the American public however, it was kept from them with more intensity than if they were enemies.  CHAOS had several factors; experiments beginning in the 50’s had continued and intensified even further with drug experiments on unsuspecting innocent victims.  Chemical and Biological research continued.  All part of their continual effort to exert control of the population at large and continued the never ending practice of changing or updating their code names for these projects."

 "The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment began in 1932 and continued without restraint into the seventies," McCloud interjected.

That’s One 

"The Eugenics Involuntary Sterilization in North Carolina, Danny Casolaro did research into government cover ups was exploring this facility and their work.  The Fourth Reich had discovered their ability to infect targets with a variety of diseases such as mad cow disease and others."