Chapter 2



The semi with its trailer had arrived sometime during the night.  The driver now lying sacked out on McCloud’s couch.  He was supposed to have been here two weeks ago; however, the carrier did not take off as planned.  The driver filled McCloud in on the details after he arrived; the shipping company had held the container on the dock with some kind of error Major took care of before it could leave port. 

As McCloud is shaving, he hears through the open window the racecar engine starting.  That sound like no other to McCloud; it always kicks him into high gear, he finishes in a most expeditious manner. 

After arriving outside to the car Becka turns her head, "I wondered what was keeping you," she said grinning.  She had unloaded the car from the container, and a small crowd of youth had congregated around watching in awe.  The engine of the car purring with rays of sunlight beaming on the hand rubbed lime green shine with its generous white stripe down the center of the hood.  This had been the prize-winning car of the last race, with non other than McCloud driving. 

Becka had pretty much been allowed to do things on her own as part of her father’s business.  With of course Major's discretion overseeing her work.  She loved the racing world anyway she could have it, like McCloud, it was their beloved sport.  Becka revved up the car; she loved hearing the finely tuned engine as much if not more than anyone else.  The group of youth clamors at the sound of the power, grinning and chattering excitedly among each other.  Becka, after shutting the car off emerges from the vehicle glowing.  The group eager to hear how many trophies it had won.  A reporter, who could not help come over recognized McCloud and tipped off the group regarding who he was and his captivating racing career.  Then they began begging McCloud for autographs; McCloud signed for each one that asked.  McCloud and Becka excited and reassured about their decision to bring the car over to use for promoting the new racetrack they had envisioned. 

Major had relented to Becka's desire to represent their interest in the project.  McCloud being their top driver all these years had negotiated with the Major to join him and be his partner.  They had taken the time to calculate that a racetrack here would be a phenomenal investment.  This had been McCloud’s only dream since his inheritance materialized a few years back.  Coming here scouting to find the perfect location finally was happening.  Back home, the contractors and blueprints were ready to be put into action.

The awed group still standing around began tripping over each other to help when it came time to roll the racecar back into the container.  Asking in a pleading sort of manner when they are going to bring it out again?

Becka and McCloud got their stuff together ready to leave with the intention of driving to the main tract of land they were interested in and surmised they will buy if they like it as much as they counted on.  Then they would spearhead the other motivated investors wanting in on a profitable investment.  They envisioned making this Speedway, of International proportion; they came ready to purchase a very large tract of land.

They plan to drive together to their destination, in the car they purchased when they arrived.  Becka needs some items from the market so they decide to walk there together.

Once at the market Becka purchases the items she needs, curiously watching McCloud speaking with the person in the marketplace. 

Enthusiasm for their new project had begun to dwindle, McCloud confides to Becka on their way back.  He has reached a decision that would change their plans and he would tell her more about it when he was one hundred percent certain.

 As Becka and McCloud approach the hotel, a chauffeur looks at them out of his open window of the elegant, steel-grey colored limousine parked in front of the hotel.  He is behind the wheel his arm resting on the car door’s open window seal while his fingers are tapping slowly on the roof of the vehicle, his other hand atop the steering column, unable to take his eyes from Becka as she approaches.  He looks handsome with his neatly trimmed black beard, his steel grey uniform, an exquisite perfectly matched jacket, hat, gloves all the precise steel-grey of the gleaming car.  The chauffeur waiting to go wherever beckoned looks puzzled as Becka hastily walks past without stopping, though she tosses a glance in his direction.

Much to McCloud and Becka’s surprise, when they enter the hotel there stands Major.  He is wearing his favorite old deep green pilot’s hat he only wears when officially piloting.  His luggage a short distance away, from where he stands apparent he has just come in.  When Major first notices the two of them, he is overjoyed.  Major, wraps his arms around both of them giving them the greatest bear hug he reserves just for family.  He begins telling them how happy he is to arrive ahead, knowing their plans to leave.

The hotel is full, after a small debate Becka and McCloud postpone their plans at least until tomorrow, Major will stay with McCloud.  As they approach the room, Major stops.  You could tell by the look on his face something was not agreeing well with him.  Looking at the door marked Room #517 he says, "Wait here," he would not go in.  Becka and McCloud look questioningly at each other but do not ask.  They chat solemnly while waiting.  When Major Returns he bears two new sets of keys then instructs Becka and McCloud they would be taking different rooms.  Major approves of the new rooms, they settle in.  It was not long before Becka knocks on her Father and McCloud’s door. 

They sit down to chat; Becka and McCloud want to hear all the details of Major’s flight over.  If the storm affected his route, how frequently he had to refuel the jet, where his stops to refuel were, how long it took, and if he had slept since he left home.  Major enjoyed every minute recapitulating his experiences.  Majors white hair parted combed exactly right, his wire rim glasses adding to his intelligent expression.  He is quite the uniquely handsome gentleman.

As the three of them converse, McCloud who had been contemplating the matter repeatedly, finally makes it clear exactly what he plans to do.  He knows it will come as quite a shock to both of them; however, it is his only desire.  Trying to explain he says, "I’m going in, into the organization to topple it and find out everything I can about the Islamic Army for the Liberation of Holy Places to bring them to justice, God willing."   

Major has the sudden urge to open his briefcase he always carries with him, removing a pill bottle he sets on the table as he questions with dry disbelief, "That’s your plan."

"Yes Sir."  McCloud said, nodding as he responds.

To that Major ardently returns fire in his authoritarian manner, "You just do not know the first thing about going undercover or just might not have the vaguest clue about what they’ll do to you, if they ever get onto you.  That’s if you manage to get in," his candor leads the way.  Becka taken aback by McCloud’s change of venue sits quietly listening though her facial expressions make it understood she is not pleased.  McCloud’s lines for him anyway are already strictly drawn.  However, he was happy to listen to any advice Major and Becka are willing to give.

Major begins speaking, "They will desire nothing more than to kill you, or worse, if they get the chance!  If you quiver and do not pull it off, well, you fill in the blank with the worst nightmare you have ever dreamt," Major expresses without mincing words.  His thoughts disquieting because he quickly and abruptly stands on his feet, then begins pacing back and forth across the room before he questions, "How did you come up with this plan anyway."  His speech emphasized by raising both hands the air. Without waiting for a reply Major continues, "Back in my undercover years my work meant everything to me, becoming the role was vital.  Therefore, a brave gallant soul like yourself and your wild imagination is understandable.  However, such as my undercover work in the Hell’s Angels profusely taught me; it can get complicated," then turning facing McCloud he emphatically states, "You could get into a whole lot of trouble!"

To this McCloud calmly responds, "You’re alive and well and it is probably the reason you are the best in your field, willing to do that kind of work, is that not how you became the gentleman you are today." 

Major silent for a moment or two before answering, "Tell me about it," then he was quiet, perhaps encountering thoughts that would lead to a change.  Becka and McCloud had both learned to watch for this.  His tone calms a little, before he says reflectively, "Well I did quite good work, and as it turned out became a life changing experience.  Chuckling a bit from the reminder as he continues, "Super Sword became one of my nick names." 

Then McCloud recalling information on the Hell’s Angeles he had always wanted to ask about elaborated on the subject, "I am sure I heard they were used as pack mules."  When Major did not embark on any further discussion on the matter and McCloud could tell the subject was finished, he begins speaking of his future quest, "The way I see it they can only kill me once," McCloud’s cool tone conveys to both Major and Becka his absolute dedication. 

Major challenging McCloud’s noble stance inquires further of him, "Now, in detail exactly how are you planning to do this." 

The Major returned to his seat as McCloud begins conveying his preparation for success, "There isn’t a weapon that moves on the earth you don’t know about.  Along with a few of the details of the biz and a few telephone calls you could make; to sum it up; I’m counting on you to get me in." 

There was a pause of silence the Major’s face not giving a clue if he was willing or not.  Instead, "Details of the biz eh, you probably would like it better if I flew you in my plane," he questions as a quirky smile appears telling McCloud he was being too courageous.  Perhaps because he had just flown over to take them home. Or perhaps because McCloud who had been more than a friend, a confidant, he had become a son to him set the rest of the world at a standstill at the moment to him.  Perhaps because he wanted to give McCloud a warning or maybe he wanted to see whether he could talk McCloud down.  Whatever the reason Major began, "They were very slick when it went to getting what they wanted.  Looped Truman with a personal cavalry and their missions were of his desire.  That is what he must have thought, though it is said he later regretted it, about the Fourth Reich.

One of the last things Franklin D. Roosevelt did before he died; enforced Congressional fortitude that the OSS and all others would be abolished when the war was over; adamant its existence had been a temporary wartime only hybrid. 

However after Truman became President through powers he bestowed them, the wartime OSS and a mixture of other entities became the CIA; he gave it an increase in funding and on it went bigger and better than before. 

A Den of Thieves

"Clandestine collection, analysis, strategic warning, and clandestine operations would never be the same.  They were all very amused with their black cloaks, black hats, and wooden daggers.  Now they could dress the part for their spiral downward into the darkness.  The Jackals went into hide.  What bank is created out of the blend of firms; Asian and Pacific Holdings, South Pacific Properties, and Seldon, CIA Air America, and individuals with the sir names Nugan and Hand."  Without waiting for an answer he knew they did not possess he gave it to them, "It becomes the worldwide corrupt banking entity named Nugan-Hand Bank.

Back when I took part in the investigation of banking activities in the Cayman Islands," he looked back and forth at the puzzled eyes of Becka and McCloud neither expecting a discourse, "The official headquarters of Nugan Hand Bank.  Where further investigating lead to activities in Hawaii.  It was there I ran across my old friend Secord, from flying days in Laos with Air America.”  He stopped, his eyes becoming distant, just saying the country Laos apparently brought back events to mind because he then says, "Boy I will tell you two, it began a time no one could surrender and I still carry my lethal pill around as a reminder."  Becka’s mouth drops down to her chin as her Father points to his little pill bottle, evident she had no clue he had been carrying it around with him. 

"Let me tell you Muffin, it was worse than that," Major quipped.  "Maybe to go back in time to enlighten you all, he seethed, “Be prepared with what I am about to tell you both, truth is not always pretty.  Then maybe we can come back to Nugan-Hand Bank and you will understand better then."

His forthrightness shines through as he says, "The French won the hearts, and souls of many dedicated to their cause when they were in Laos.  Many soldiers were fighting bitterly day after day, night after night with their blood to the end.  After the signing of the September 1951 Laos’ agreement, they thought they had won.  Some tribesmen even thought those that arrived were deity from their spiritual beliefs of a prophesied deity.  A belief the arriving military soon learned and used to conquer."

"Something they thought they could get away with," McCloud interjects speedily.

"They subdued, you see in the aftermath of WWII the Pacific WWII bases were vacated and left behind all those submarines and aircraft parked just sitting there with nowhere to go.  An unfortunate breeding ground out of which came Air America and OSS specially trained fighting agents of the green berets.  The vacant equipment provided the ability for further actions; such as the Indonesia covert affair staged from the Philippines for one. 

Major tilted his head back and forth, gave a little shrug then continued, "As time went on these so called men of stature coerced the soft backwards tribesmen by bribery if not then threats, torture etc.  Along with warring skills, they taught them farming tips on increasing the output of crops.  That did create a dilemma, how to disperse all that opium...  You both must try to understand the resources these people used to shape the minds and hearts of Third World People around the globe were indignant.  Their own agenda’s took precedence by force.

As it turned over, it became the sole responsibility of the United States of America to provide the Royal Laos Armies their wages and supplies.  This promoted throughout the US government as a prerequisite to shore up against future communist expansion.  After the September 1954 SEATO treaty was not adhered to, anomalies grew.  Discovered under the guise of aid programs was United State ultra specially trained military.  They had been stationed in Laos as tactical advisors only.  A blind eye had been turned toward the signed international agreements.  These tactical warriors trained common men, and as time wore on even boys in expertise jungle warfare with enough ammunition given them by American funding for ten wars.  The tactical advisors for covert operations did not put together their fighting forces in the same manner as military brigades.  Nor did they follow or consider the same rules of law applied to them, or any rules of law applied to them.  This explains such rifts and incongruities as the scores of refugees.  One forced march numbered at 9,000 many left to die along the way.  

Then there was the 1962 Declaration on the Neutrality of Laos, which was signed in Geneva.  The US military aid personnel, most of which by this time went under the heading of MAAG moved out of Laos under the terms of the agreement and into Thailand.  The communist fighting apparatus said not to have left, should have been required to leave or their presence proven and brought out into the open.  Instead in the dark quickly claimed and the government based covert strategies on, no ownership required, so from Thailand, we mounted up secretly with specially trained and sponsored indigenous armies.  After that humanitarian aid was enormously increased.  We then flew rice and weapons from Thailand into Laos on a daily basis."

Becka cuts in, "Father, please I am no ninny, weapons are not humanitarian aid."

Major says, "Good Point Becka that is all he would say.  Then continues, “Helio Planes and Copters the CIA operated, could take off and land effortlessly at the Laos short-landing airfields, the village people had to hack these airstrips by hand in the jungle terrain.  These aid shipments were in reality a cover for clandestine combat operations.  The Hmong," he paused before converting it to the basic meaning, "As our trained army, were one of the major recipients for these mislabeled aid shipments. 

Here is an industry commentary about the Helio Plane and its abilities.  These planes coveted and used by the Fourth Reich, they wanted the Helio Corporation to hand over all manufacturing blueprints and everything related to them.  A National Security scenario they conspired to justify a takeover.  After being flatly turned down industrial espionage was committed and everything for the STOL copied.  Then front companies for the Fourth Reich reproduced it using power only governments have access to.”

They played it dirty

"That must have made some surplus money for certain people; they very well could have sold them back to the government as well,” McCloud quipped.

Major nods before saying, "Back to the treaty, from the get-go it amounted to nothing more than a political dance and the US cost and involvement grew from the day it began to unbelievable amounts.  One of which was the carpet of bombs air campaign; the whole war was dirty; historic in tonnage dropped and the variety of lethal black weapons such as Napalm added another facet of the campaign’s historic magnitude.  Great pains were taken to make sure not a thing could come back to haunt them or be traced to the planners right down to the nuts and the bolts.  This included falsely marking the entire aircraft fleet.  Astuteness like double numbered airplanes that could materialize in two places simultaneously made them think they could outrun any responsibility of participation.  The Fourth Reich used their ultra-secret unmanned aircraft, engaged them in the stealthy reconnaissance missions.  Highly guarded US technology was used quite extensively. 

Laos at the time was the most valuable strategic posturing to deter the communist supply line.  The North Vietnamese used the Ho Chi Ming Trail to supply their forces.  The valiant warriors fought the obscured Laos war bravely.

Just a short distance during these years in Vietnam, tightly drawn fighting lines existed by the July 1954 Geneva agreements.  The 300-day grace period in that agreement gave residents permission to relocate, either to the North or to the South.  "Operation Passage to Freedom became the mass exodus from North into the South during this period consisting primarily of Catholics with the hope and was promised they could live freely once they arrived in the South. 

Moving forward to 1961, the US in the thick of it all, reconnaissance and logistical flights were taking place and so were official war-games against North Vietnam.  Snatching people from the North only to later put most of them back seemed to be a particularly unique psychological war mind control game for everybody.  In addition, seeding South Vietnam politically transpired while they were having internal disparity or, causing their internal disparity.”  Major wore a solemn expression evading conclusiveness leaving it wide-open then he went on before Becka or McCloud could confirm which one he was sure it had been.  "By and by the US felt they had lost control of Ngo Dinh Diem, which they had, he did not want to play it dirty.  In an about turn by the Kennedy policy makers The Fourth Reich put in place, helped to plot, and paid for a government coup abandoning Diem.  Diem’s murder took place during the coup and the country fell to the plotters.  No grave dug nor engraved plaque stating he was the father of his county at this time not after they whacked him.  Anyway, this was particularly upsetting and unforgettable because only a couple of weeks after the coup we lost JFK.”

McCloud could not help injecting, "Assassinated by a strange breed of animal.  JFK who had his wife sitting next to him all pretty, publicly with people letting their little children run along close to the vehicle."

There was a pause of silence, round the table in reflection before Major resumed, "And not long after that covert schemes began taking place in the Gulf of Tonkin.  All these things in secret mind you.  These events all led up to the point of no return."

"Getting what they wanted all along," McCloud judged.

"Exacta mondo," Major confirmed the events, "North Vietnamese military blatantly attacks one of our Naval Carriers the USS Maddox, at least that is how the story unfolds, then our responding well broadcast politically correct actions which led to and supposedly justified the Vietnam War."

"Wait there were two attacks from the North," McCloud intercepted.

Upon which Major replied, "The second attack more than likely never took place, a fluke. 

Then Operation Phoenix took flight; another anomaly so they say.  Vietnam was the testing ground for the extreme soldier to equip the Fourth Reich.  Their fighting elite went by a new name Special Ops.  These men trained the highland people in modern guerilla warfare. 

The Vietnam War spilled into Cambodia; a CIA favorite Lon Nol removed neutralist Prince Sahounek.  The Nixon-Kissinger duo with all the wars in motion still found time to foment Lon Nol.  He became the despotic dictator that activated Cambodian full participation as the war continued.

American coppice carpets of bombs raged, in the air and sparse invading troops on the ground.  The massive bombing campaign Codename Operation Menu killed people and displaced refugees who left their homes and all material possessions, carried those they could take with them left behind those they could not.  Such a colossal wanton dissolution; it was almost impossible to determine when the American tax dollars ran out and the covert monies supplemented their actions.  All the while, this massive campaign was taking place; top-secret negotiations with North Vietnam were transpiring.  This led to the people abandoned after 27 some odd years.  That is what happened after the official peace treaty marked the end of the War in Vietnam.  It brought a gradual withdrawal of American Forces, and the aftermath was another beginning of another heinous war and massacre of millions. 

So after all the years of loyal fighting for the American pipe dream, people, were abandoned to be humiliated, hunted, tortured by their long time enemy the Viet Cong.”

This continues to this day with money flowing to the once enemy who they were trained to fight

"Which brings to mind, did the Fourth Reich formulate with their proficient expertise, their regime change would entice the Khmer Rouge into power," A blight question McCloud wanted answered.

Major winced before replying, "There is no significant evidence that demonstrates complete CIA evacuation along with everyone else."

The Fourth Reich’s Third World Wars in full swing!

"Lon Nol escaped, leaving the rest to surrender to bloody Pol Pot at Phnom Penh.  Then with the fall of Saigon, Pol Pot gained the day any warrior dreams of, the day he could walk in and take control.  The following days that wrought years, Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge established Planet Earth’s exemplar of exactly what Hell is.

Simultaneously in Laos...the greatest and most well equipped fighting force on the face of the earth went home, not defeated, just changed their commitment and left those who stayed to be hunted, tortured, and revenge brutally taken upon them by the thousands as they fell to the conquering well-equipped Pathet Lao.  Their communist suppliers never faltered with their promises and equipment.  After that, thousands had to live and die in torture style camps.  Brutal persecution takes place to this day.

So as it turned out, we became the April Fools.”

"Why is that," questioned Becka her eyes welling up with tears listening to his obviously painful and gruesome memories that were now hers.

"For an example back in 1941, Lindbergh advocated negotiating a pact with Hitler which exploded as indecent, and in comparison, Nixon-Kissinger embraced negotiations in Paris with Le Duc Tho."  Major retorted.

You will stumble

McCloud reasoned, "For sure, more decency still existed in 1941.  The US did not con, and then abandon in the heat of war their long time friends."

“Hey yaw knows, Kissinger received the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize,” Major emphasized.

“What do you know,” McCloud remarked solemnly.

“It is imperative to understand the reason so many Vietnam soldiers returned broken.  None were ever told and the public at large never understood why the Fourth Reich never wanted to win in Vietnam.  They mandated a War of Attrition.  Therefore they only wanted our soldiers to kill and run and they were left there if they could not or did not run fast enough.  That was confusing for them as it would anybody in their right mind.”

Brutal Betrayal 

“I was going to say the drugs and the lies,” McCloud quipped.

Becka decided to pass the ice water around especially to the Major before he began speaking again, "Our Chinese covert affair had begun and it turned into a relationship. What stemmed from that a few years later the US aid dollars parlayed a role into the Cambodian government. 

In the beginning of their power, the Khmer Rouge nearly instantaneously recognized at the UN with US support."

"It stands to reason in order for that to have happened people who knew and understood blatantly looked the other way to the crimes they committed," McCloud insists.

"But more to the point an even stronger possibility of collusion," Major then said, "Their recognition at the UN somehow remained unabated for years and years."

Major squinted as he recalled, "There was another faction involved.  The Chinese KMT used a tremendous amount of money and weapons given by the US.  When the U.S. dropped them the KMT absconded to Taiwan, and the Communist took over Mainland around 1949.  The KMT gained military rule of the island of Taiwan.  There was the exception of stay behind forces of the KMT that aided the Fourth Reich in their covert operations.  Sea Supply Corporation was active in the area at the time restocking weapons and ammunition.”

"Becka who had regained composure asks, "Weren’t we just at war with communism a minute ago."

Major continues to expound, "From the beginning of the US Cold War at the conclusion of WWII due to the intelligence received by our own, the Soviet Union slated as the worst national threat. 

"Back up a minute please, before we continue, were you saying they should have negotiated with Hitler," Becka hesitantly questioned.

"What I am saying pig-tails, Hitler would have destroyed Stalin, Stalin would have destroyed Hitler in other words they would have destroyed one another in the process, Hitler and all his demented Boys and that pumpkin’ is exactly what should have happened,” Major states.

Major touched deeply from their innocence, it was his daughter.  Not ironically perhaps injustice that evil had tried to keep both of the ones he loved. And exposed its belief it would get away with such an act that set his tormented spirit into motion. Those with greater experience; would be able to see clearly how wrenched he had become; onset from the moment he had received the word of their recent peril.

Major spoke, in a hush tone, far from his ordinary booming voice, "Hitler’s obsession with the Soviet Union became our National Security en force.  This only becomes clear examining the facts, Cartel agreements between war Industrialites were signed.  The 1924 Ethyl Gasoline Corporation came from the combined efforts of General Motors and Standard Oil with the Nazi’s in mind.  Ethyl provided to Germany but kept the American War Department in the dark of technological data so they said.  Another faucet paired together in April 1929, Nazi front I.G. Farben and Standard Oil Company.  They were so close you could not tell them apart.

Oil was needed to feed the war machine and augmented their cruel economic warfare. Therefore even before WWII, to start everything, Hitler became endowed through War Industrialites and visa versa, to name a few, Standard Oil, I.G. Farben, Union Banking Corporation with Prescott Bush father of President George Herbert Walker Bush, Nazi War Criminal Fredrick Flick, Coal & Iron mining and German Steel Trust, Fritz Thyssen, Thyssen Steel Industry, Dupont, Hamburg-Amerika Shipping Line, American Shipping & Commerce, Krupp, Rochling, Harriman Fifteen Corporation, Sun Oil Associates, Sullivan & Cromwell, General Motors, Royal Dutch Shell, Owen Young and JP Morgan, Winthrop Aldrich with Chase National Bank, Pittsburgh Plate Glass, Rockefeller Associates, EF Hutton Associates, Grayson Murphy, Goodyear tire and rubber company, Ford, IBM and Walter C. Teagle of American I.G, ITT and RCA. These are some of the Big Wheels of Fortune who collaborated to equip Hitler and his Nazi’s.  One spoke connected in some way or another to make it turn.  Lawyer John Foster Dulles began his work as early as January 1933 to hide German assets.  He furthered his abilities later with government paid positions of power that layered it more completely.

No doubt these were not all of the participating industrialists.  This determined by the 1945 Official Report on I.G. Farben, spearheaded by Col. Bernstein.  I.G. and associates, was the money conduit of Hitler’s Third Reich and provided the intelligence apparatus throughout the world for Hitler.  Sad but horrendously true warmongers clamored at the financial windfall that a war could blow in.  They had planned feasibility which was fully operational and had already implemented, covert routes to export their vast wealth through various international banks, industries and channels.  When the Allies joined the war effort Hitler clearly would be the loser.  Or would he?  As that scenario unfolded, these people were in a hurry, to salvage most of the Hitler apparatus especially the vast wealth under their control.  Right down to the last tooth.  They were meticulous to disguise their operational covert routes for escaping through and used so not to get discovered.  Many of these Industrialites were profiting from both sides during WWII and after it ended just as they had planned lost nothing. 

The Oil and Drug Cartel supplied some and robbed the rest for their military conquest.  Enriching them through every means possible, using their vast wealth for better weapons.

Fervent scientific research in every field possible sought and supplied their power.  These men not only rigged it so that Hitler received all of the American latest technology their hatchet prevented American development of the same technology.  When they started selling to both sides during the war many of these companies operated out of France using front companies to avoid detection. Fuel and supplies to arm Germany had been cleverly sent from suppliers routed incognito from Romania, Mexico, Aruba, Brazil, South America and Vichy North Africa just to name a few.  Investment into wartime industries became a win-win situation as banks throughout Germany and the rest of the world owned through the Industrialites rapidly expanded and flourished as transactions circulated worldwide with the greatest of discretion.  They sought every endeavor to control the banking systems and financial markets of the world.  Loans made to finance oil and other commodities to Hitler and his Reich Nazi’s a large portion of those loans were never repaid.

They all had their jobs to do and Gates W. McGarrah was put in place at the Bank for International Settlements.  Through this lineage, oil funding from the World Bank went to Hitler that macerated the world’s sanity.

Allen Dulles lineage in the State Department drafted him into covert work, so to speak.  He associated with Prescott Bush before WWII started and they engineered Front Companies to mask identities of ownership.  As this concept gained momentum there were no constraints and amount of effects they could not streamline.  This deceptive train of cloak and dagger did not seem to have any slack of profiteers and power enthusiasts that were more than eager to jump on board."

"I think they bought a one way ticket," McCloud said in disgust.

"Apparently they did not believe that, because they ran past anyone that stood in the way," Major responded.  He paused briefly then continued, "These concessions were all tidied up no doubt in advance of the war starting. 

The OSS made the official government research entity for the Nuremberg Trials.  Instead of doing like they should covertly rescued, absconded with, hid, and recruited Hitler’s top military advisors, scientists; biological warfare, psychological warfare experts with their tyrannical exploits of war and domination.  These, war criminals, as called by the rest of humanity, unfortunately became our intelligence liaisons and more.  Warfare experts clandestinely installed into a wide variety of U.S. Government paid positions.  In the intelligence community, their criminal rhetoric became top intelligence government information which created and influenced US policies.  The Nazi Industrial-War Complex that achieved Hitler’s vast war chest became our war chest. Hitler’s demented achievements were given a new life, plenty of room, self-defining as the sole benefactor of the United States covertly at home and abroad.  Due process became a byline and all constitutional laws were nothing more than a bump in the road; eventually, they became oblivious to all the laws of the constitution.  The more laws that became enacted the more they prospered for just like Hitler proved no intention ever existed of abiding by them except for face value in public view.  Hitler’s laws and treaties he agreed to were used to restrict their foes and used to prosecute their adversaries.  The only real government oversight of the Nazi war criminal diversion into the US Government came from the Allen Dulles and Frank Wisners. 

Unfortunate for our great country because there was no responsible oversight involved, these men were part of the Fourth Reich.  It received preferences, money, prestige, and folded into our inner most Intel Hitler’s SS such as Richard Gehlen, Klaus Barbie, Von Bolschwing, Gustav Hilger, Erich Traub just to name a few.  This endeavor coded with speakeasy names such as Operation Paperclip and Bloodstone.  The Fourth Reich protected these Operations by what could only be labeled as Fascist.  They used their extreme Nationalism Security as a get out of jail free card whenever necessary to halt with fervor any tad of truth that would expose their real intent.  Elaborate escape and evasion routes overseen by our intelligence community with members to name a few George Neagoy, Paul Lyon, Dulles, and Angleton.  The Ratline, Grapevine, are a couple of the code names under which international networks facilitated refugees, Nazi war criminals, and their gold, diamonds, precious metals, and drug smuggling. 

For example “Butcher of Lyon” Klaus Barbie was a torturer and butcher he should have at best received justice or captured then dealt with.  He built barbaric torturous black prisons all over the world.  A personal attaché and right arm of the Hitler apparatus.  The revolting methods put into practice by him at Dachau are a fine example.  The Office of Policy Coordination, Friedrich Schwend, The United States Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) recruited, fled with him, routed him into places he could not be found,  then paid him on a regular basis with US tax dollars.  Accrued his bloody methods into the whole wide world and are still carried out.  The US General Accounting Office reported “Widespread Conspiracy To Obstruct Probes of Alleged Nazi War Criminals Not Supported by Available Evidence”; nothing was done to correct the matter.  The Fourth Reich support to the Nazi War Criminals went largely uninhibited.  Klaus Barbie’s surrender repeatedly requested in the aftermath of WWII was repeatedly refused by American Authorities for 33 years.   Can you explain that?       

And this scripture is to the Fourth Kingdom just like the First Babylon


25:  And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL,


Under the control of the Unites States Army Nazi General spymaster Reinhard Gehlen established West German Intelligence Organization.  Later the Fourth Reich controlled these men then the organization went under the code name BND, West Germany’s intelligence agency.  Hand-picked highly trained Nazi SS combatants such as Emil Augsburg made up this organization.  Emil Augsburg expertise included world wide media and executions of Jews and Nazi undesirables.  Nazi Franz Goering a BND collaborator.  Nazi Horst Kopkwo was also an Official with the Gehlen Operation.  SS Nazi Wilfried Krallert a collaborator with Gehlen. SS Nazi Wilhelm Krichbaum head of the Counter Intelligence Nazi Police became a district chief for Gehlen. SS Nazi Guido Zimmer in the aftermath of the negotiations of Allen Dulles with Germany in Italy for surrender; Zimmer was able to get everybody he wanted safely out. 

Nazi SS Eugen Dollmann archeologist, walked out of WWII with Italian Intelligence identification.  Dollmann instrumental in the 1944 German massacre of Italians who after defeated were then buried in the Ardeatine Caves.  He was then transferred to U.S. CIC intelligence relinquished to Italian CIC cover.

Nazi SS Wilhelm Hoettl another CIC collaborator.

Nazi SS Michel Kedia a CIC informant.

Butcher of the Balkans, Nazi SS Ante Pavelic the Utashi Croatian leader.  He enacted ethnic cleansing with his Utashi team against the Jews, Serbs, communists, and gypsies.  Those not killed were sent to Auschwitz or used in other adverse methods.  He seized their property and assets.  He along with his operatives was helped to escape many to South America.     

The Fourth Reich war criminals hid every bit of booty.  Their escape strategically routed to eliminate any chance of detection as the war ended.  This done by the proper authorities.  

Allen’s brother John became the lawyer for the Alien Property Custodian.  They scored with The Trading with the Enemy Act; useless materialization of treasonous acts but useful in giving additional power to those of desire.  Allen Dulles doubled as a bank custodian filibuster to the government strategic service war department.

Many commissions and/or committees put in place to oversee The Trading with the Enemy Act were riddled with CEO’s and close associates of the very companies they were supposed to keep an eye on.  So it was in fact the power structure these committees were made of which gave direction and structure so these companies could mobilize and avoid the law. Then they roamed free.

Gladio networks a chilling composite of Nazi war operatives were recruited into NATO.

These people emerged skillfully attached to tyrannical strategy of tension armies.  When part of this Nazi criminal element began to emerge into view, no justice came. 

Richard Helms became an interesting character as a journalist, the newspaper reporter that gained access to Hitler at the 1936 Olympics.  Meanwhile, McCloy shared a seat with Hitler at the 1936 Olympics as well.  A very popular fellow 

McCloy has his own ticker tape.  After being too close with Hitler, he conveniently in 1941 became assistant Secretary of War; therefore, with complete knowledge of their profound existence, unfortunately, the Hitler concentration camps remained in tact.  He lived by his own motto as he once said: "The Constitution is just a scrap of paper to me."  In addition, one of the main collusionists in connection to Klaus Barbie escaping justice and he was receiving CIC government pay.  The reason for this McCloy used was security reasons. 

Klaus Barbie began torture chambers before and as part of WWII for whomever they deemed deserving. 

McCloy also appointed Gehlen as West German spymaster.  As High Commissioner, McCloy was instrumental in the release of Industrialites imprisoned for war crimes.”

"Quite oblique National Security reasons are inclusive of their own personal security, if the truth would have come out," Becka states.  They all nod in agreement.

“Some of the Germans citizens at the end of WWII went on a march from the surrounding towns of the Hitler concentration camps Buchenwald and Dachau.  To try to understand what really had taken place and the unfathomable genocides their government had committed,” Major explained.

McCloud added saying, “If only the Americans could take a long march through actual history with their eyes open not just what they have been told.”

“If America had done this they would not so easily digest, lies and quick explanations that do not add up to anything, that attack the integrity Heavenly Father has given to us,” Becka added.

 Major then continues, “Perhaps they would not have disregarded an honest man like General Butler.  He sought justice towards those that had summoned him to destroy the US government.  They would have Franklin D Roosevelt to act in name only or worse if FDR would not cooperate fully.  They had planned to assassinate the president. They sought to coerce General Butler, a Quaker, an intelligent man and highly decorated marine.  From July 1933 through September 1934 they persisted to persuade him to lead a coup de tat with the US military.  These polished Industrialites told Butler they would provide the money necessary to turn our government into a Fascist Dictatorship.  They wanted the American Country to join with Hitler and Mussolini.  This plotted by Industrialites that later formed the American Liberty League and the CFR Committee for Foreign Relations.  After General Butler encountered betrayal from the justice system that he had fought his entire career for; he wrote a book he began with the words, “War is a Racket”.  As the truth was exposed the Justice Department handed out zero consequences to the planners of this treasonous conspiracy General Butler brought to light.

The American Liberty League via Gerald MacGuire said they could convince the American population of anything with their control of the newspapers and such.

Looks like it worked

The American Liberty League claimed to support the constitution, exactly opposite from their goals.   This team opposed Franklin D Roosevelt along with their non-stop verbal abuse; gaping coincidences occurred that could not qualify in any logical forum as mere coincidences.

Roosevelt was in favor of Hitler and his apparatus to be permanently destroyed and he nearly did it. He saw to it Nazi assets were seized.

FDR tried to stop oil shipments to the enemy during WWII and became bitterly stalemated by oil threats to blockade U.S oil supplies therefore he had to back down. To emphasize one more time most of all, Roosevelt had promised to put an end to the OSS just as soon as the war over which he had the power to do and fully intended to do so.

Franklin D. Roosevelt died April 12 1945.

Hitler died April 30 1945.

Truman took over in Franklin D Roosevelt’s stead.  Though he spoke opposition in public as he did it; he gave the espionage elements everything they wanted.  From then on, the OSS became the CIA and did not have to answer to any laws or oversight.  Thus a complicated labyrinth had been created.

So they thought

Hitler’s means and methods they knew all along and in the aftermath covetously controlled by the inordinate up-and-coming Fourth Reich who now controlled the Atom Bomb.  Trinity the first detonation of a nuclear device

In addition, used it............ August 6, 1945.

Once the war ended all the American assets Franklin D. Roosevelt had seized during his tenure were given back to the Industrialites.

Conclusive evidence was presented against the Bank of International Settlements during FDR’s tenure.  It was not the banking operation it had first been portrayed to the world as.  It had been headlined as serving as assistance for collection of reparations from Germany designated in the Treaty of Versailles after WWI.  This was not the case in fact there had been blatant disregard with at least two SS Nazis if not more who served on the board of directors.  FDR supported the request for dissolution against the BIS.  Truman did not, after Truman came to power the BIS continued on with business as usual.  FDR became history.   

Hitler had used the fascist trademark of secrecy and propaganda to hide his true nature and methods. So shocking was Hitler’s complete disregard for human dignity as it became exposed the world wanted to be ensured his vileness, abhorrent medical research and development of chemical warfare, industrial and economic warfare would cease to exist throughout the world.  The end of WWII entrusted strict measures under the hands of the Allied Force to put in place restrictions to isolate and destroy never to use this warfare again against the human race. There were also Allied enactments to segregate from society the members of the German force that had designed and perpetrated these crimes and to permanently keep them from collaborating with one another.

The National Security Act of 1947 was enacted in order to hide Nazi activity.

Fascist regimes of the world greatly recognized surveillance of their own population one of their most pronounced attributes.  This enabled them to remain in power by elimination or personal destruction of those that stood in the way.  Their elaborate world implementations kept trying to come to roost in the US.

John Foster Dulles became the Secretary of State January 1953 and one month later appointed by Eisenhower, Allen Dulles who became the longest running Director of the CIA, so the fun began.  A time begun that the conception swelled of skipping to the chase, a time of eliminating any cumbersome declarations, shattering the peace by enacting obscure tactical maneuvers to overthrow governments.  Too convenient and undetectable, it seemed, therefore, these results were achieved by training and using proxy warriors.  An infallible concept they believed.  Men trained to the hilt in guerilla warfare, sabotage, and espionage to install whomever they wanted.  Tactical maneuvers covered up by using the easiest means frame someone else.  Throughout the world of their proxies, the covert coordinators became notorious for the wealth of resources they could access.  The secret conspiracies between the parties involved were for the greater part to abdicate responsibility thus cheated almost everyone into trusting their outward appearance.  When their nefarious activities in foreign countries surfaced they were quickly trivialized by these people and quickly taken out of public view. 

A time that the founding of Special Committees in lieu of regular channels took root.  Congress delegated broad Congressional oversight to substitute clandestine committees, holing up any sliver of regulation.  This allowed several branches and people of government to run wild into the underworld.  This tailored decision-making became cloaked, only in view to the few possessing "alternate solutions," Major raising two fingers on each hand, writing the quotation marks in the air as he spoke.  "This led to unchallenged policy implementation, the right word here would be coercion," as he spoke his eyebrows rose.  He exhaled before continuing, "Congress a few years later enacted restrictions on the CIA; the results were uneventful; however."

"What were some reasons Congress tried enacting restrictions," McCloud asked. 

"Well where to begin; because of what has happened and what you only think you want to do, here goes," Major shrugged, and then went on, "The NSA began its plight behind closed doors as early as the 1930’s.  Then President Harry Truman with his CIA and NSA policy of 1947 took the government by storm.

There are deceitful Code Names for their unwarranted activates.  Operation Mockingbird, was one and there were many more.  During this well-planned Operation, the NSA started intercepting telegrams sent back and forth, and then passed them over to the FBI.  The CIA employed hundreds of people to span out across the USA and abroad with tactical information to manipulate thinking to master the art of undetected human manipulation and control.  These audacious people decided to run their future abroad, just how and why your wondering," Major stated as he looked at both his daughter and McCloud as he continued, "I can tell a little of the how, but no one I doubt will ever really explain why.  You see they revamped all the aspects of a free society through America’s own intelligence organizations, unbeknownst to the unsuspecting nation.

 The people from that point on were somehow beguiled into believing they were under the rich freedoms their forefathers, husbands, sons, brothers, fought and died for.”

"And women," Becka exclaimed.

“The Savior knew the truth and kept our constitution supported,” McCloud quipped.

"Yes," Major agreed then says, "However, quite the opposite alliance, in the dark, many secret alliances to confiscate the American people out of what was rightfully theirs.  These are not to be confused with the Boys from the Mafia who was in comparison minor bandies.  These men and what they did, truly the big stuff." 

"We are supposed to have a free press, just for beginners, it is guaranteed," Becka inserted persistently.

"Yaw well, Honey," Major said as an expression of regret came into his eyes, "There is more, secret unpublicized standards like should the nation come under attack the NSRB would be in charge, cheating those that should be in the forefront, out of their posture.  All in the name of should that happen.  These policies created a nonstop source of, in the very least, embarrassment, for those that claimed democracy in the light yet behind the scenes directed entirely opposite agendas."

"With all these secret directives and such how could anyone possibly keep track or know for that matter what laws are and no longer are and who is actually running the show," Becka still persistent for a rationale.

"The Lord protected us from their lies; our forefathers wrote the Constitution under his command."  McCloud stated bluntly.

2Nephi 1:5

But, said he, notwithstanding

Our afflictions, we have obtained

A land of promise, a land

Which is choice above all other

Lands; a land which the Lord God

Hath covenanted with me should

Be a land for the inheritance of

My seed.  Yea,  the Lord hath

Covenanted this land unto me,

And to my children forever, and

Also all those who should be led

Out of other countries by the

Hand of the Lord.

"Apparently they did not bear that in mind," Major’s words resumed.

"That is the true reason.  This great country prospered from the start and moved forward with such acuteness, strength, courage, and stature blessed by him and his father," McCloud remarked.

Major paused briefly, "Well, unaffected these men were in their conscience, because, more bleeped historical events ensued.  Such as the Guatemalan government takeover, one might call it PBSUCESS.  The Militias that were engaged in the replacement of governments and given the means to takeover used counterinsurgency and torture techniques, and later on, established an Economic Haven to protect financial gain.  This rolled over into the anti communism era.  During this era the Profiteers did not submit themselves to any rules of law," the sarcastic tone in his voice fades as he continues his speech.  "The new Guatemalan military leaders received the military and financial backing from The Fourth Reich.  The newly installed regime carried out massacres, prolonged detentions, and spy patrols on the populace.  These spy patrols were part of a gruesome network that had an unquenchable thirst for power, fueled by human suffering.  This spying network enforced participation from the populace using them to turn on their own or severely tortured them unto eventual death if they would not cooperate fully.  People such as Christians were not allowed the practice of their faith without severe repercussions.

Revamped Airplanes the installed military dictators could not afford appeared out-of-the blue to rain down napalm upon different areas, an effective control mechanism.  That does not sound very American now does it," Major questioned.  Before he could receive a reply he stated, "The death toll after decades of turmoil soared into the 10’s of thousands.

Then there was Hungary where the black Ops radio programs Hungarians heard promoted dissatisfaction with their government.  American democracy propagandized to the extent revolutionaries organized into revolt believed the US would fully support them if they rose up against their government.  When the Soviets arrived to quell the uprisings, no one else showed up.  It was a ruthless slaughter.  This slaughter more than gave the justification to shut the Soviets out of American diplomatic circles.  More importantly to those who staked a growing interest on the outcome; it eliminated any chance of reconciliation after the death of Stalin, with Eisenhower and their new Government.

Hungary was not the only place propaganda filled the air waves.  Every new invention such as the simple transistor radios was used as weapons.  Major radio broadcasts constantly aired around the world a nonstop assault against the truth and against the human race.

During the same period as Guatemala, here at home the FBI knew all too well how to suppress and control American Citizens.  The FBI collected disparaging and embarrassing information on the American people including government officials and their families.  Then they would forward these names to other government agencies such as the Secret Service, NSA, CIA, DOD, Army Intelligence, Air Forces Intelligence, the State Department, Navy Intelligence, IDIU, and other unidentified recipients.  The IRS and CIA added additional people, and information.  Just one spy technique of theirs; they covertly opened and took photocopies of people’s U.S. mail then sealed it back up and delivered it to the addressee.  Foreknowledge of the recipient’s upcoming events and the emotional bearing of the content would be used against them with assiduous exploitation.

Every new technological advancement or gadget along with the old ones used towards this endeavor.  People followed and harassed.  Home and businesses were broken into and bugged.  FBI agents would publish detrimental, reveling, and false news or magazine articles that would disrupt and destroy the lives of people.  Revealing, and distorted telephone calls or letters mailed to the employers of their target; therefore, he or she would lose their job.  The spouses became victims as strategies inflicted upon them ensured the break up of marriages.  These tactics bombarded many groups and political opponents associated with influence.  Religious institutions were also infiltrated, and pressure applied to destroy groups who were trying to save the right for prayer in public places.  Any group that displayed Social Leadership became a target to infiltrate. 

They also funded and were involved heavily in the U.S. National Students Association.  They incited violence, fueled rivalry against rivalry.

Human parasitoids living off the government consumed fair and honest leadership.  They schemed constantly for gain in their mammoth racket.

The Justice Department DIDU had its collection of names then sent the information to the CIA and the IRS for further undercover interrogations, used the IRS to seek and destroy.  Government people secretly collaborated with the IRS to use its extreme intelligence gathering and policing powers for their own purposes.  This practice coordinated not by just low-level status government people it went straight to the top.  State officials, DOD, CIA, FBI, military intelligence, Justice Department and so fourth, would select people or sometimes entire groups, they considered to be their political foes, jurors, anyone who gave them static on, or could eventually pose a threat to, their course of action.  The IRS operated freely without restrictions; therefore, used to do what other government agencies could not.  No court hearing or court order required.  They could request any information with their peremptory powers, also allowed to confiscate properties.  If the government stated there was a debt then, no options existed but to lose everything.  The abuse of power was unleashed using forceful means.  

The arena widened everywhere; agents infiltrated events such as Heavy Weight Boxing, Rock Concerts, ideological groups, Political Opponents, Religious organizations, and Education Institutions.  Legal Advice meetings were attended incognito; Civil Right Groups, Government and Nuclear watch advocates, Women’s Lib, and especially Steel Manufacturers.  Magazine and journalists that supported contrary views targeted along with people traveling abroad, and people defiant of authority.  With their covert methods such as wiretapping and they used their government authority to record and research license plate numbers of meetings or entire events, another avenue of control.  They would manipulate legal cases and the system as they eavesdropped on client attorney conversations.  Information they gathered included political affiliation, personal and professional activities, personal beliefs, and affiliations, psychiatric evaluations, medical records were stolen and recorded, sex lives, financial background anything you could imagine.  Agencies along the way such as the IRS, CIA, NSA, DOD, FBI, and Police Military, distorted information according to their prejudices and such as they passed it back and forth and used it.

America’s own militaries trained in wartime tactics of intelligence collection used to do the comprehensive intelligence gathering on American Citizens.  The CIA Office of Security did extensive information gathering at home and abroad on ordinary citizens.  Military people disguised themselves as ordinary citizens then were planted nationwide to infiltrate and collect information.  Then, the information dispersed to the special government collective.  The computer age brought new leverage; a massive amount of personal information digitized in the IGRS Intelligence Gathering and retrieval System.  The most modern surveillance and computer systems helped make this massive collection expeditious.  They had people coded subversive and blacklisted.  They had a prearranged list of people to round up first if a National Crisis event should occur, and one event was soon to come.

"What National Crisis was that," Becka wondered aloud.

Major stopped and answered her, "It would be a National Crisis."

"What is that supposed to mean," McCloud questioned.

"Brace yourselves; it was an Operation that had been requested by NSA director and Cuba Project Col. Edward Lansdale.  He was the one credited for the creation of this Operation, from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.  This plan code-named Operation Northwoods.  The Memorandum to the Secretary of Defense created to establish a time-phased plan of terrorist sabotage that would lead toward justification to have U.S. Military Intervention, toward Cuba.  The area around Guantanamo considered a prime target," Major took a few sips of ice water Becka set on the table.  As he did, Becka and McCloud sat still, waiting with anticipation for him to finish.

After Major adjusted a little, drank a little more water he says, "The realm of covert options included, starting rumors, starting riots, and to lob mortar shells from outside the base into Guantanamo.  They go on to mention assassinations, sinking a boat, and blowing up a US ship in Cuban waters. 

There were plans of harassment of civilian planes, other plans included the destruction of military shipping and air force equipment by a MIG that was painted, and the tail numbered to look like a Cuban fighter MIG.  Hijackings aboard passenger planes that would are no doubt an extension of the harassment of civilian planes strategy. 

And the most likely scenario a mocked up Cuban aircraft that appears to shoot down an American airliner on the way to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama, somewhere around there.  They planned to create an incident in Havana or Santiago with spectacular results.  They had more than enough expertise to fool almost everyone with their plans of an exact duplicate of an existing CIA proprietary organization aircraft.  The CIA plane would be full of selected people using alias, the original aircraft would be converted to a drone, and then they would switch places.  The take off time would be so these two could rendezvous.  Then they would switch places.  The original plane would immediately descend to unload the passengers at Elgin AFB.  The mock plane would fly over Cuban territory send duress signals which would be interrupted as the aircraft exploded as if it has been destroyed by Cuban forces, set off by radio signals, all blamed on the Cuban government.  The goal was to have it appear the US was suffering from a rash and irresponsible madman Fidel Castro.  Thus, they strategically planned how to create a war then they would be able to implement military control.  As you both should understand, their strategies are all implemented using soft targets.  Crimes committed against people who had no chance to counter attack.

NATO played a big role, a unique military conglomerate.  Military power of UK, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Italy, USA, and Canada countries all signed up in 1948.  Greece and Turkey not part of it until 1952. 

These countries under the impression the coalition formed to keep Nazi Germany from re-emerging.  Germany came aboard in 1955.  Spain in 1982 and Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary are on the agenda.  NATO had a clandestine arm SDRA8 established in 1951 CPC another secret army that belongs to NATO along with ACC.  These secret armies operated parallel with the CIA.    

Just the way they planned all paid for by the people, who have no voice in it, no elections of the leadership, only military control.” 

The agenda of Nazism repositioned all over the globe like the Nazi affiliated with Plum Island Erich Traub with his infectious disease research furthered the mad cow disease and others.  That was not the only location that researched vulnerabilities.  Human inoculation medical experiments continued for years and still do, in many parts of the U.S. on unsuspecting victims.  Those affected included random people in the general population, hospitalized mentally ill, active soldiers, and veterans, prison inmates utilized for gain.  Some of the insidious acts included injections of cancer, radioactive substances, people deliberately infected with Malaria, Mustard Gas, and Bacteria Experimentation on the unsuspecting.  Experimental vaccines, cures for diseases deliberately withheld, bacteria dispensed into the air along with virus, experimentation with microorganisms, toxic chemical and radioactive development, chemical warfare testing then germ agents materialized resistant to immune.  Mosquitoes infected with yellow fever, mind control experimentation's including yet not limited to the use of drugs, withheld dangers warnings on products such as Fluoride the list goes on. 

Some of the test victims were laughed at behind their back by their handlers and considered at best stupid, how these people did not know, or even suspect elements of foul play were involved.  Patting themselves on the back how patriotic, they were, indeed.

Zero government requirements to disclose governmental actions to the people who suffered from their sully permeation.  They ignored those that lay crushed beneath their wheels, not their concern, and all for the better they believed.

The political realm of the COI, OSS that turned into the CIA in large consisted of what they considered themselves and by many others the elite of the country.  To acquire more participation in their schemes they induce, or seduce, drugs, money, and sex, and if that does not flip the person, then blackmail and coercion.  Their unorthodox ability to blackmail, best described as chilling and a huge factor towards uninhibited power as they went about executing suppression.

The information they gathered was then transferred to and kept at international listening posts such as the one located in the Canal Zone.  Extreme diligence worked into the system to keep the American public blind to all the extremities taking place at home and abroad, almost impossible to get the truth to them.

In their speeches of justification, clarity was never recorded how hotly they had pursued one man.  The only Army Specialist compelled by his good conscious and love of his family, friends, country, who risked his own life to bring these maneuvers to light.”

"And the balls," McCloud interjects.

"If their endeavors to bring legal action against him would have been successful, on bogus grounds he was leaking national security material.  Then, there would have been zero disclosure, and it would have continued. 

They almost won

Each time they are caught they acclaim it to be a one time only Operation. The people in charge of these plights always profess the results always justified the means. Also used as justification pragmatic vs. legal these people claimed and had the mindset those obeying the rules of law were unrealistic, senseless and hindered their accomplishment of their tasks.  Laws to them are mere theories with no foundation in the realm of reality, this used to justify their means. In the light of public appeal, these people swear to everyone to uphold the laws of the land.

They sited such events as civil disturbances as a precedent for their covert actions.  The very actions they incited!  If that was not enough, they falsely claimed, there was too much information therefore rendering all information useless.  However, none admitted their deeds. It was a time that places and things such as Area 51 and LSD trips were an emerging signet of foul play in America.

It seemed too hard for the general public to understand people who manipulate and kill do not have a problem with lying they are the masters of it.

Nor was it brought to the general public awareness at the time how many more policies were invoked to close the lid on Fourth Reich actions. After that Army Specialist came forward and the high and the mighty ones started calculating what could happen, a point to perceive; they demanded the law for their favor.  Especially stringent measures were enacted to keep any one else from coming forward with the truth; under the blanket of National Security.”

They change times and laws

"What if there are illegal or questionable practices," Becka reasoned aloud.

"Under the banner of National Security, no accountability for anything that is the way they envisioned it," Major replied.   He continues, “Other Army participants said they were compelled to commit these acts out of duty.  Never questioning their orders," Major stated.

"Abuse of Power would be the understatement of the millennium," McCloud commented.

"Copious Treason!" exclaimed Becka then continued, "Whatever happened to Liberty and Justice for all?”  What did happen to that?"

"As you can better see they clearly have those marked reserved for whom they want," Major explained.  Then he went on, "Let’s go to Cuba.  Another ambush, Code Names gave the same as regular wartime military missions one of the first ones named Operation Silence.  Gangs of thugs and mobsters in broad daylight kidnapped, correction, snatched diplomats.  The difference with snatched victim’s ransom is not the issue, and they are rarely let go.  Ill-famed mobsters took more of an ambitious role than before in government."

"Mobsters," Becka blurted, "Nazi war criminals and now the Mafia, we are scratching the underbelly," she exclaimed.

 "Well, back to a little more history lesson of WWII.  Relationships were also formed back then with Salvatore Lucania or Lucky Luciano as they called him.  Becka nodded as she recollected some parts of ill-forgotten history.  He did the Government a huge favor whilst he was serving time in prison for his misdeeds.  Lucky claimed he could commit participation of his far-reaching connections in Italy against Italian government; namely, Mussolini.  Lucky and his associates acclaim credit for indicating preferable landing marks for an invasion against Mussolini.

These back and forth communications and joint efforts between these parties led to other joint participation in certain elements.  Joint participation was discovered when the Mafia gained uncensored control of the shipping, labor, and union industries in Sicily.  Without the benefit of the intelligence community’s direct involvement, the Mafia would not have been able to operate on such grandeur scales.  The unabated and coerced power later unfortunately spread to parts of the US.

Court proceedings that convicted Lucky of criminal offenses, out-of-the-blue, developed court errors within the proceedings.  His sentence was overturned with the condition to repatriate him.”

"They didn’t call him Lucky for nothing," McCloud noted, bringing out a fine point.

"Long lasting ties, never to be undone came from this unique relationship which led to additional mutually beneficial endeavors, such as the gambling syndicate, and other major black market ties," Major informed them.  After a brief moment as if he had questioned himself weather to go ahead, he stretched nonchalantly then say, "These Fourth Reich experts along with their lucrative operations could now operate with fewer hindrances and realize a greater reward and monopoly.  This worked out beneficial for all on the inside. Those that it did not work out so nicely for were the unfortunate souls that had to work in those industries everyday for their livelihoods.  Forced to pay protection money and keep their mouths shut or else."

"Then if someone went for help or exposed the corruption, there was someone, or several people in the government that would roll that person back to the Mafia obviously," Becka concluded.

Major glanced across the table at her, his sad demeanor weighted down by the truth she feared and dare not ask him and more yet by what he still needed to say.  He sadly continued, "There were other important factors that added fuel to the flames.  There was a company, Wackenhut called The Company about this time.  It was on the inside between the military and the Mafia.  It was used as a cover to spy on American citizens for domestic intelligence.  A sheep dipped company rather than a regular company considering the slew of top government officials that joined its ranks.

These people working together created the booming gambling era in Cuba.  In addition, with it brought wealth and created business endeavors.  The regime of Batista condoned the gambling gambit for a price.

Gambling with the star studded entertainment, and sleazy filled entertainment remained illegal in the US.  Therefore, Cuba attracted much business and investors alike; high society flocked there to partake.  Almost everyone was happy everyone on the inside that is, until Fidel Castro took over and decided to clean Cuba up and run those not native to Cuba out of the country.  To do this he nationalized all industries.  Mafia Kingpin Santo Trafficante Jr. in Cuba at the time to avoid pending US mob related charges, had cinched a very big part of the Casino scene.

About then, President Eisenhower enforced a secret National Security Council directive sometime in March 1960 authorizing the Fourth Reich operational prestige and sanctioned them to overthrow the Fidel Castro government.

Santo Trafficante Jr. was one of the main people hand picked to work out the grunt details for the Fidel Castro elimination, Cuban takeover, either or both.”

"What’s the low down on him," Becka questioned.

Major stopped and thought for a moment, then says, "Let’s see, he took over the family business of his Mafia kingpin father 1954.  Arrested from time to time, even convicted once, though the charges somehow evaporated.  Until a certain wholehearted investigation got onto him, then he took flight from the US into Cuba, obviously tipped off.” 

Then he continued, “After Fidel took over communist style, he nationalized the gaming industry, arrested all the king-pins, keeping all their money and business.  Trafficante detained only briefly in Fidel’s country club style prison.  Fidel deported Trafficante back to America, a place that deserved him; able to reassume the leadership of the Mafia, uncannily, once again the charges he had run from disappeared.

 In time, Fidel took over everything even the intelligence organization that had been in the thick with the Fourth Reich.”  Drawing out that last word before Major continued, "Instead of enveloping the intelligence community into his regime, as fully expected, he executed those that were not with him.  One thing perhaps to be aware of, the intelligence community will never forgive and forget therefore from then on it turned into a free for all about grudges.  Some of those that escaped later returned as part of the massive covert operations.

Now back in the US if those in the Fourth Reich would have claimed their expenditures, its possible they might have listed pills for Castro, but it is plain to see that some of their expenditures may have usurped too far into the underworld to detail for instance; assassination payoff.  Because if word ever got out to the American public their money had been tapped into, well you can see it would be somewhat of an...embarrassment, so they buried all the information.  And of course with all the people they were paying, weaponry needed to get the job done, other operations going on around the world, well you see.”  Stopping he looked at both of them questioningly, when they did not answer he finished, "With all the US taxpayers money and their children’s future tax money and their grandchildren’s future tax money borrowed upon they were spending for all their Fourth Reich operations; unfortunately that somehow just didn’t cover it for them."

Isaiah 10:14

 And my hand hath found as a nest the riches of

 the people:  and as one gathereth eggs that are left, have

 I gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved

 the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped.

Becka interrupted implicating, "The mobsters or mafias are the undercover black bag job men in the underworld.  And their protection money helps pay for those extra expenses incurred in clandestine operations that cannot come out into the open."

A slow grin crossed the Major’s face as he stated, "Now you are starting to grip the reality.  Right from its dedication, the intelligence apparatus was required to pay cash for everything, and no doubt accepted only cash or easily dispersed forms of payments.  One obvious reason this was enacted, it is hard to trace, and no paper trails meant no evidence later.  Later, when publicly questioned about those pills they adamantly denied any involvement.  However, botulism pills back then, the facts remain few people even knew of their existence much less knew how to obtain them. 

The intelligence apparatus should have received complete credit for the Cuban debacle including germ warfare botulism.  These unconventional apparatuses were in their stockpiles of weaponry willingly handed to them.  These quandaries moved off the record accomplished by the Army, Navy, and Air Forces using undisclosed accounts to transfer extraordinarily large assets over.  Now this exceeded their wiliest dreams.  These items once in their fortress were often scrambled for use as; do us a favor undertaking without any accountability concerning tax dollars expenditures.  These stockpiles were the means of encrusting ethnic fighting forces with enough ammunition to overthrow governments.  The only genuine concern on the list was how to stay under the radar without reveling everyone’s true nature.”  Major elaborated.

"Ok, Trafficante was friends with Fidel Castro which gave him an in or perhaps Trafficante could not pull it off," McCloud interjected.

"Either way, the CIA would keep diligently trying," Major conceded then went on, "For instance there was involved a highly futuristic man, an American, a valued employee of Fidel’s named Frank Sturgis.  He had earned every bit of his rank within the Castro entourage by the mounds on the hill he proudly filled with Castro opposition people.  However, he somehow managed to slide into top rankings whichever side he was destined to be on and always could escape without detection.  This man had the distinct ability to convince almost anyone it was his or her American patriotic duty to be part of chameleon projects.  This included the Nostra Costa Mafia, Cuban nationals, and even Fidel’s pregnant lover, forever bonding these people to the underbelly of the enclave. 

This unique group went on to become a huge part of Operation 40 guns for hire team in counterinsurgency Operation Mongoose in which Richard Helms directed the helm, navigated by the 40 Committee.  That was a big deal Operation in the beginning received personal approval of JFK along with oversight of his staffers Rusk, and McNamara.  This operation included participation by The Mafia, their players pitched in a few resources such as out of the way ranches in which private planes could land and everyone from all the different faucets could safely congregate free from oversight.

To enable better understanding, perhaps a little more information on The 40 Committee would be helpful.  It was a government formed group to direct covert operations.  This group government sanctioned to escape scrutiny and responsibility for their actions.  All their actions were well hidden and undisclosed to the public.  This group's name changed every once in awhile but with the same drastic implementations as previously named committees, beginning with the 5412 committee then changed to Special Group, 3412 Committee, 303 Committee, moved onto the 208 committee and it continues to this day. 

Into the prospective New World Government was born a component of the Fourth Reich in 1954 by the secret directive NSC5412.  5412 was the name of the first committee.  This rule of power established to circumvent the constitution and use every measure known to man to achieve Political Domination.  Their war chest included propaganda targeted to undermine and if possible destroy the beliefs of the people.  This tactic always used and a crucial element of the Fourth Reich in order to destabilize a nation.  Also used from their covert war chest to gain control of the populace; political action, economic warfare, sabotage, demolition, subversion, backing of underground resistance movements, guerrillas, refugee groups, the backing of indigenous labeled anti-communist movements, deception operations, more later on.  All wars started by them either big or small was strictly proxy wars.  Never was there to be any of the United States regular military permitted to be part of this infrastructure.  Additional NSC directives constantly added for additional power and operational purposes."

"So ruining the good name of the United States of America abroad, the too numerable people to count that fought and those that have lost their lives to save liberty meant nothing.  The Constitution provisions constitute freely to every individual in the name of the Almighty, did not even send a twinge of hesitation into their consciousness as they raised their hand and swore an oath to protect the constitution," McCloud asked.

"Apparently not," Major responded.

"The changing of the name of the committee, was that a disguise that would be too easy," Becka ask with reserve.

"You know, it worked," Major confirmed then continued, "However, the shroud of plausible denial for all hostile actions has fallen short in the end.  They maneuvered power of our government into personal accounts diverted away from the checks and balances put in place with our constitution.  Said more than once about their actions they thought they were God."

"Fortunately for us, they are not; their master is quite the opposite,” McCloud spoke in his mild manner, but stern voice.

As they will soon find out

Then Major continued, "High Stakes roller names you might recognize General Darcy, Robert Kennedy, Edward Lansdale, Henry Kissinger, John Mitchell, and Richard Armitage are just a few of the names.  These are some of the designated representatives of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the Director of the CIA.  These policies added to and/or initiated with the Fourth Reich in mind.

5412 an absolute worthless write up, a lie will always be a lie.

Because of this, Cuban exiles with the sole purpose of becoming extreme soldiers to wage undeclared war with Cuba joined The US Army.  Covert operational platforms like Group of 40, ZR/RIFLE, Omega 7, Alpha 66, CORU, JM/WAVE, the JMARC project, SGA, Operation Whip Lash, OPLAN 314, OPLAN 316, 3-16, CANF, DODS, the list never ends, as do other names that really never receive the justice they deserve.  These Fourth Reich Operations all had some of the most intensely trained warfare agents.  The Guantanamo Bay Naval Base used to help assist in these operations.”

"Were all these Operations an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro," Becka questioned, her eyes expressing, cannot believe it was that hard.

"The agenda of the US Special Operations that created these missions remained well hidden; these missions were not merely about assassination.  The ultimate goal was to induce the people of Cuba into revolution.  They even had a government-to-be waiting with baited glory. 

So that is how it played out, covertly; propaganda leaflets airdropped rousing breakaway revolutionaries; incendiary bombs dropped to destroy the sugar fields.  To obtain intelligence information about the war nobody declared.  From people they captured that did not have any information to give, one by one dropped out of the airplane cargo door into the ocean, as some desperately said anything to save themselves to their captors hoping for mercy, none came.  These information-gathering teams so to speak, included intelligence people that were part of the defunct Cuban Batista government.  Many received US tax dollars for their labor.  They also received specialized training through US provided guerilla bases updating them with extreme clandestine torture and interrogation techniques.  These exquisitely trained people made quite a splash upon Cuba.

One of their missions unable to completely contain it hence turned into their worst nightmare.  Maybe you remember Operation Mongoose the world called it the Bay of Pigs.  Eisenhower officially proclaimed severed US ties with Cuba and Fidel Castro.  Then a few days later, he warned of the industrial-war complex and its unfolding power the last words he spoke as he left the Presidential Office.

Kennedy had just taken over as President and with the information he received gave the go ahead.  As the Operation actually took shape Husk publicly announced there would not be any US involvement.  All the planners of the Operation were sure the appearance, that it was only disgruntled Cubans, would hold.  Everything went almost as planned right up to the point where the invasions forces were trapped in Cuban territory and the regular US Calvary was demanded to assist as planned by covert strategies.”

 "Kennedy, didn’t swallow the bait,"

Nor did we

 McCloud finally got it as he spoke it out, then continued, "The crisis that was about to take place, all those lists sitting in their computers ready to go,"

"They were going to take military control of OUR country," Becka spoke out stemming from McCloud’s deductions.  All the color draining from both of their faces as the realization hit home. 

Major stated retrospectively, "When some of the information came out and the lists they had created were made public, there were some that began joking about their names being on the lists."

"They were too in the dark to understand," McCloud stated still grasping for thoughts, then completed his thought, "They were going to be rounded up."

"Their plan, part of their Cold War Era and their blood lust spurred them forward," Major finished. 

Major left the room and it remained silent as he let reality sink in.  After about an hour everyone resumed and Major continued on, "The Bay of Pig’s incident created a crack into the Fourth Reich shield enabling a very small glimpse of their inner workings.  It created quite a public stir.  It led to JFK demanding the resignations of Allen Dulles who had become by this time CIA headmaster and Richard Bissell the famed architect.  But not before Allen Dulles took the opportunity during his tenure as CIA headmaster and embedded a directive of his own to pass along, no classified UFO files to be released especially to a President."

"I wonder why," Becka questioned.

"You let me know what you figure out," he gave a glance to her as he spoke.  Then Major finished, "Dulles also made sure the U-2 spy planes were kept spying over Cuba.  After the Bay of Pig’s incident, some of those trained and capable people captured one headline after another.  Either implicated or charged in the most noteworthy captions.

In the aftermath of the JFK assassination, theories swirled all over the globe.  Some of these same people were highly focused on in connecting the dots until Allen Dulles found a new job in charge of investigating them. 

There were other unfortunate countries subjugated to the madness during this period.  Rich in Oil Algeria targeted.  France at the time paid more for their oil than actual market prices.  An Algerian coup began simultaneously with the Bay of Pigs also unsuccessful. 

El Salvador at least 75,000 put to death throughout the years.  The military takeover though planned simultaneously with The Bay of Pigs proceeded with quite a different outcome, lasted a lifetime it got very ugly.  The lists quickly encompassed those identified who would not accept the madness, then others.  With that, the new dictators systematically atrociously took control of the country.  

Year after year the American aid dollars kept the regime stable and in control.  The military equipment replaced until nearly all their military planes were the latest American state of the art.

It was not easy for these corrupt fascists to keep the impoverished populace working to support them.  Because although the brutal reign lasted year after year, day in and day out, there still cropped up those that rebuked all the killing, the torture, the oppression by the ruling junta.

There were those who had the faith to stand and fight.  The archbishop of San Salvador became one of those as he became a vocal critic of injustice.  He even roused President Jimmy Carter, as Brother Romero pleaded, "Christian to Christian" to stop aiding the military that kept slaughtering his people.  First, Brother Romero rebuked by Carter, then while saying Mass one morning, murdered by an assassin on March 24, 1980.  He fought the good fight.  This triggered many others just like him to join the cause.  Nuns, priests, those of the faith, and those that acted in good conscious joined in.  They were overwhelmingly out numbered as they stood together.  It did finally draw light to the madness in 1989 worldwide after six Jesuit priests of the Central American College, brutally executed by their national military as they lay face down on the ground.  Nothing to do with communism since the Berlin Wall had fallen just before.

Over the years documented accounts that brutal to be dictators had schools of their own where they could talk shop, with much instruction on torture.  The School of Americans or SOA as referred to, located in Panama and another one the Escola des Culpas as referred to, located in Fort Benning, Georgia. 

No doubt, the U-2 that flew reconnaissance over Cuba was one of the same used to supply advanced reconnaissance to aid the El Salvador brutal dictators.  So with their schooling, tools of the trade gave them, all the money necessary, brutal dictators received the most advanced top secret and advanced technology in the world to rain down bloody terror...on poor peasants.

Not the ideal location for the Enterprise perhaps, as they moved in to set up shop, but so it appears, they bloody well made it work.  The Ilopango Air Base in San Salvador became a major transport facility for the entire Iran-Contra Enterprise.

SOA trained Roberto D’ Aubuisson the man implicated in ordering the Romero assassination and was part of the El Mozote village massacre.  Information withheld on him by people in the White House during the Reagan era.  They might have been hesitant to delve into subjects such as, how did Roberto D’ Aubuisson become flushed with cash.  They might have not wanted a full disclosure on the topics such as NED.  The World Movement for Democracy funded by US Congress a USAID corporation.  Funding which enforced World Fascism.  Set up as a private corporation to avoid government audits.  Nothing more than a code name for CIA use in their operations to avoid scrutiny.

 “They sure are generous with American tax dollars to those not in need,” Becka states.

"Covertly, as in not only do the people have no knowledge, they have no say.  A government without fair representation," McCloud completed.

"They were at work beginning in 1961 in The Congo, The Dominican Republic, and the assassination of Raphael Trujillo the main reason for his demise, again for US business interests.

There was Ecuador 1963 and Brazil 1964 for iron ore.  Democratically elected Joao Goulart deposed which brought in a bad time for everyone that lived there.  The military dictators later became a stalwart party to Operation Condor.

Let us see Costa Rica, and then the Dominican Republic, again, in a 1965 coup against Juan Bosch, back to Indonesia 1965 with their oil reserves.  The army trained by the US.  The Fourth Reich infiltrated Muslim students inciting them.  The Fourth Reich provided intelligence lists of people.  Suharto took control, 1,000,000 estimated dead.

Let us move on in Greece during the Vietnam era 1965, political schemes sweltered under the royal table as a secret knife made the final cut.  The King accomplished throwing down democratically elected Papandreou.  Afterwards, the promised elections, ominously stalled, and never happened because an outright radical military coup came about.  This coup was led by the Fourth Reich’s lead liaison for the counterintelligence in Greece.”

Becka squirming in her chair, as she asks, "How in the world with all the blood and everything you have told us so far, begin to compare even a little bit to our country and what we are supposed to stand for.  All these occurrences are contrary to what we believe and live for."

"I feel the same way," McCloud adds.

Becka looking as if she had ingested all she could adds, "When our forefathers started a revolution out of it evolved sincerity and a great nation.  But, to instigate one using prop ups and cut outs giving those that join in a sense of hope for democracy and a new wonderful way to live."

"Only to be subjected to corrupted and malfeasance laden governments," McCloud chimed in.

"What a cruel trick to play on humanity," Becka finished.

"There’s more you two, just wait," Major continued, "Many KYP, the intelligence community, had been Nazi collaborators.  Their skills involved subversive torture techniques updated, and furbished endowments from the CIA.  No restraints used with their essential tools, weaponry, money, and knowledge supplied under the nametag of aid.  This weaponry used at their discretion in their campaign of willful killing, torture, and without a quiver of morality.  Coupled with physical torment they invoked, brainwashing tactics, telling their victims that no one was ever going to help them.  They used repulsive rhetoric exploiting their alliance to NATO and the US.

Bolivia 1966, death squad killings began.  Then in 1971, Torres removed.  Missionaries along with foreign priests and nuns expelled.  This is where Nazi operative Barbie the Butcher went to live after US army counterintelligence aided his escape.  His methods live on.

Cannot forget Chile; in the early sixties arrant political subversion, widespread turmoil set the backdrop.  These Fourth Reich techniques enveloped the countryside such as piped in propaganda to scare the populace.  Our US tax dollars fragrantly gave to hand picked people and organizations.  As far as the American people knew, the dollars were earmarked aid or grants to be used for un-political agendas."

"However, the tax dollars that never get explained and might have been used in these tactical operations are Fourth Reich over expenditures such as factitious gazillion dollar toilet seat purchases and the like, I have heard about," McCloud added.

"Noted," Major said with a faint smile before he continued, "Intelligence liaisons grew as information gathering expanded to generate lists of people for removal that would object to a takeover.  Deliberately created behind the scenes economic hardship exasperated the public to the ruling party."

"Hitler was a worthy opponent to unleash upon, unarmed school children are not," Becka deploringly stated.

They were fighting communism…

"Unfortunately there’s more Cupcake, now let me tell you when you have The President of the United States and his Vice, three of the Sectaries; of State, Defense, and Assistant.  Directors of Intelligence and Emergency, Attorney General, Generals, Acting Chairman, Chiefs of Staff, National Security Affairs Assistant, and NSC part of this.  All looking for means of overthrowing a government, they obviously had the ability for a successful run.  Elaborate action plans to shape the political direction of Chile were implemented.

Covert operations were deployed trying to prevent it from happening; Allende won the national elections anyway on September 4, 1970.  When Allende, won the election US Top Rulers frothed then scrambled to unleash even harsher means.  This turned into increase methods and intensified the economic sabotage already in place.  The means put in place by the passage of an obscure National Security Decision Memorandum.  Millions of dollars saturated terrorist groups willing to take their Chilean Government on.  The US in this endeavor directed a weapon flow; tear gas, machine guns, whatever they needed that ensured a capitulation.  Corruption and vying took over these militants for the windfalls of cash.  Private Industries became the final blow that controlled Chilean economic means. 

The nonstop fomenting endeavors brought to pass an intense military coup.  Allende became victim to his own finely dressed soldiers.  The soldiers of fortune became the new leadership of the country.  General Augusto Pinochet, one of the terrorists became their new President finally on September 11, 1973. 

The actions taken throughout the years up to the coup were articulate and expeditious.  However afterwards when they lost their freedom, the acts of people tormented, tortured, and exterminated; documented fully by the CIA, NSA provoked zero consequential action.  Free from censure and at first look, blatantly complacent of the regimes merciless actions."

McCloud ruled by his sense of justice, as he states,  "The screams to this day, I know the Lord remembers each and every one, especially the ones from the children as they were jumping up and down screaming for their mommy or daddy sometimes both as they watched or worse. Clinton later apologized, but he didn’t go near far enough."

Major went on, "Somehow the rivalry spread that allowed the next feat, Operation Condor.  This became a coalition embarking together to alleviate communist influence, in theory.  In practice; however, the usual victims trapped by the dragnet that none could escape out of were nuns, priests, teachers, and intellectuals, people with influence that might react negatively to the incoming brutal regime changes.  These pre-labeled communists, immediately taken, you get the picture, secret torture prisons, and abductions.

The involved countries were Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Peru, the infamous ever so secret SOA a big part of the picture.  Government’s intelligence arms intermingled, to establish wider scale subversion, trained Assassins who traveled throughout South America then worldwide, to eliminate any past present or future political opponent’s, hell, they probably still are.

One infamous International Operation Condor assassination we should all remember that took place on U.S. soil was the one of Orlando Letelier.  He had been the U.S. Chilean Ambassador during the Allende rule.  As Ambassador, he acquired diplomatic acquaintances, these connections helped gain his release from imprisonment during the Pinochet eradication.  After his release, he went to great lengths as a vocal critic of the Pinochet dictators.  This led to his assassination on a day as he was driving his car from Bethesda where he resided at the time to Washington D.C., September 21, 1976.  His car exploded from a pre-attached bomb someone detonated.  Ronnie Moffitt and her husband were riding that day with Letelier, Mrs. Moffitt killed as well.

Major squinted, before continuing, "Letelier as the minister of defense during Allende rule no doubt was one of the first names to be entered in the computer system, and listed well before the government coup.  No doubt, his captors were steaming from the moment of his diplomatic release out of prison.  Then every movement, every event he attended, and any movement scrutinized, labeled, categorized.

 "Everyone he associated with," McCloud wondered aloud.

"That’s right, until the end," Major confirms then stands up as he is talking, "A computer system that kept terrorists fed with Intel and the six Southern Intelligence Chiefs busy.  A digitized operation database called Condortel.  This, in turn connected to the bigger no boarders no boundaries known as the Southern Cone Operation.

"Where part of the American information that was collected wound up," Becka exclaimed shockingly.

"That is right the same people categorized the American people’s stats," Major confirmed then went on.  "There was loud and clear inaction on part of government for prosecution of the slew of men who took part in the conspiracy.  CIA trained explosive expert Michael Townley Chilean Intelligence operative for DINA, took years to extradite him from Chile.  Afterwards, he fingered others who helped with the crime; he received immunity for all his crimes then escaped into the Witness Protection Program.

Armando Fernandez Larios a top man carried out many executions.  Considered a Condor assassin as well, who ahead of Townley is said to of organized the hit, convicted in absentee.

Although they had been separated and at different times both stated the same reason for entry...meeting with the CIA for business purposes.

Enrique Arancibia Clavel a former Chilean DINA agent, part of the International assassination team with Michael Townley when they hit the former Allende Vice-president.

Juan Manuel Contreras Sepulveda Intelligence arm of Chile convicted for his crimes in absentee.  All these men linked to Eugenio Berrios, Pinochet’s Demented Chemist.  Others escaped justice and were never named.

American citizens fingered as part of this scheme included the Sampol Brothers. Ignacio Novo Sampol, a jury convicted him of making false statements to a grand jury; his conviction later overturned.  Guillermo Novo Sampol convicted by the same jury of first-degree murder among other crimes, handed down a couple of life sentences.  Sampol convictions were later also overturned.  Both men implicated in the Cuban airliner bombing as well.  In which CORU claimed advance public credit.  Another Fourth Reich sponsored tragedy close to Letelier’s assassination.  They could disappear when sought after for questioning.  Both men were part of the Operation 40 anti-communist team and in 1964 gained the headlines involving threatening Che Guevara with a bazooka.  Not your average musclemen, as their connection surfaced with others highly involved in black operations, Peter Goss, David Sanchez Morales and Barry Seal.

Alvin Ross Diaz was a trained member of the Cuban Nationals organized to defeat Fidel Castro.  Diaz convicted in the same trial along with the Sampol Brothers of first-degree murder.  In addition, other crimes handed down and a couple of life sentences as well.  These convictions also overturned.

Virgilio Paz Romero, Chilean President Pinochet refused to extradite him.  He also belonged to the Omega 7 team.  He bragged about the Christian Democrat Bernardo Leighton attempted assassination among other events.  Romero arrested in 1991.

Pardoned by Bush

Jose Dionisio Suarez Esquivel, Pinochet refused the request for his extradition as well.  An Omega 7 participant, as well he was arrested in 1990.

Pardoned by Bush

The US requested extradition from Chile of Pedro Espinoza Bravo Intelligence arm of Chile. 

Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch both later implicated as well along with other black site associations.

These professional men though some professed unemployed salesmen and other improvised professions somehow managed to be flush with money for travel domestically and internationally and other nefarious activities.  Most used authentic passports largely with their own name or in pseudonym names, which carried the special stamp of an intelligent operative that whizzed them through customs.  They carried on their unholy alliance to sanitize the world of opposition to evil.

 At one of the black sites indigenous to punishing labeled communists located In Argentina, Townley, and Sampol sited working together not long before the Letelier murder.  Added to the list of warrant-less victims were students, trade union members.  In Argentina deposing of another regime happened just the previous March.  They were probably finishing up.  Not a desired revolt as the Argentina public clearly displayed in earnest in the wake of the ’74 Laud kidnapping.  Laud became a sought after CIA agent with good reason, where he lived they found enough radio apparatus to listen in on the world.  The people of Argentine immediately outraged.  They were aware of the CIA involvement in the Allende takeover in Chile the previous September and resisted at all costs.  The twist that beats all, his body found shortly thereafter and operated on for removal of the bullet also with an IV placed to sustain life support.  Obviously not the work of who got the blame, or more precise there were affiliates rousing both sides of the conflict.

With the Letelier assassination, one of the few well publicized murders, don’t draw the wrong conclusion toward the number of people victimized on American Soil.  There have been scores.  There is another earlier example of a political assassination victim than Letelier for the record.  He became a member of the countless number of brothers and sisters who have fervently written or taken actions to expose the truth. De Galindez an anti-fascist avid political opponent of Trujillo dictator of the Dominican Republic.

De Galindez drew considerable attention toward Trujillo’s brutal and bloody regime and all the human abuses carried out by Trujillo.  Professor De Galindez had written a book that would expose the dictator to the world so to speak.  This would have exposed as well the government affiliated part of the Fourth Reich and their tidy little arrangement with the Mafia they were jointly operating.  Roselli was involved; there was gun running, illegal drugs, and training camps for the CIA militants.  Then one day March 12 1956 snatched from the streets of Manhattan.  Never to be heard from again.  Unfortunately, well planned, his book was never published."

McCloud and Becka trying to fathom the evil that had befallen the Professor as Major absolute on following what he had begun through to the end, continued, "To beat the Soviet’s to the punch, so is said, in the Third World begat systematic replacement of mostly democratically elected governments.  The henchmen that committed offences once in control of the State ruled the populace.  These men followed instructions well and became overlords all for gain.